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Master of Puppets

Everyone wonders whether or not God controls all, or let’s it happen. Whatever the answer, the Bible doesn’t give a clear cut response and leans to boths sides. Saying He has control over everything, but also saying that some things are due to our own decisions. I really wanted to write something new, but alas, I can’t think of anything. So I decided to put down what I had already written awhile ago on my view on this particular subject.

There really is no way to fully understand what God does and/or allows. You can’t really say He controls everything, because what ever happened to free will? Is God just the Master of Puppets? Controlling us so some of us crash and burn, while giving others the reaped benefits. If He really does control us, then isn’t He choosing who gets to bask in His glory in Heaven. If that’s the case then He’s purposely sending us to our own damnation in hell; simply because He makes some of us lucky and go to Heaven ,while others have all the cards against them and are condemned to eternal death. Whatever happened to our Just and Loving God? HOW is that Just? Choosing only some and forsaking others…How is someone like that considered Loving? I refuse to believe in a God like that…so much for never forsaking us if that’s the case. Some Sovereign God, breaking that promise…so why not just live a Life Wasted if there’s no point in making our own decisions.


“Knights of Cydonia” by Muse

1 )Come ride with me,

Through the veins of history,

I’ll show you how God,

Falls asleep on the job.


2 ) And how can we win,

  When fools can be kings,

3 ) Don’t waste your time,

  Or time will waste you,


4 ) No one’s gonna take me alive,

5 ) The time has come to make things right,

  You and I must fight for our rights,

6 ) You and I must fight to survive


(This is my opinion, not the bands)

1 ) People who are against God will show you some of the biggest, tragic events in history to prove their point. Most people who question the acts of God have the basic interpretation that God allowed events to happen. “If your God is so loving and just, why did he allow WW2 to happen?” ” Why my God!? Why have you let my husband die at the twin towers!?” ” Looks like SOMEONE fell asleep when John F. Kennedy got shot.” “We could have gotten so much farther with Martin Luther King still alive today…” We can’t really explain as to why God let this happen…or made it happen. You can’t really lead a Holocaust survivor to Christ if they have that great hatred toward God. Having that memory of her family heading out to smoke stacked buildings, not knowing they were being lead to a fiery grave. A man in Darfur wanting nothing to do with a so called ‘God’ who let him witness the cruel, gory, death of his son, and the pain-staking, horrific and vivid image of his wife and daughters being brutally raped by dozens of rebels…do you really think for a moment that this man will even bare to listen to word of what you would have to say!? It would be a wonder he hasn’t chosen the supposive ‘easy way out’ and take his life. It is because of this that it makes it all the more harder to share our faith with others who hold that resentment towards God.  Claiming He has fallen asleep on the job.


2 ) How ‘fools’ gain power and rule all? Usually through corruption, a quick, unseen siege of power, or by the people. Those who make the big decisions have the power to make matters worse for us or better. But what really makes a leader a ‘fool’ is based on the person’s opinion. We appreciated Napoleon Bonaparte, because he provided some of the basic guidelines to our government, but only achieved this by conquering most all of Europe. The Kings of throughout Europe saw him as a menace, but the French citizens saw him as a savior. Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is held in the high most respect, but not by those who liked the demeaning status of ‘color people’ back then. People will claim we cannot gain our goals with the wrong leaders in force. How can we gain hearts for Christ if people have that bitterness due to the actions of ‘ foolish kings’ of this world?


3 ) We cannot waste our time and just sit back with our arms crossed. If you choose to do nothing, then are you not desecrating the Name of God? You are not doing what God has commanded. He wants us to preach His Word among the nations and lead in example. Don’t waste you time by letting the media rise up principles for the youth to follow. Do not let the tribulations of the world get to the masses and cause resentment and disgust to what this world has come to. By not doing something you will have the knowing that there was something you could have done to prevent this. You can let it eat away at you or make a commitment.


4 ) How willing are you to defend your beliefs? Enough to be made a mockery of by your peers? Enough to lose your job, simply by being a witness in the work place? Some may say ” I don’t have to worry about that. I go to a christian school. I work in ministry.” Do you honestly believe God’s gonna let you stay secluded in your own little bubble of what you consider sanctuary? If you don’t think you’ll be placed out in the hectic, battleground known as society then you’re in for a rude awakening when God pops that little bubble of yours and you’re set out in unfamiliar territory

5 ) Once we accept Christ, we are expected by God to make the world right for God. To show what we believe is the right of all. The right to live, to be accepted, the right of knowing our saviour. To preach that God has made everything in His glory and has a purpose for everything. Jesus favored those who were cursed by society. He loved the rich man and prostitute all the same. For in God’s eyes, we are all beautiful. Everyone has the right to hear about our savior. His forgiveness is available to all, but that doesn’t make it automatic. You’ve gotta mean it. Not just for the heck of it, or just to get that ‘religious wacko’ off you back.


6 ) People are everyday fighting to survive the next day. May it be the suicide bomber who actually values his life , the corporate mom who’s at an emotional outbreak due to her spouse having an affair, while her teenage son is sent to jail after drug possession and finds out her daughter is taking up prostitution. The single mother of 4 is carrying a burden of working 3 different jobs. The teenager feeling worthless and daily cuts himself, but too afraid to finish the job. We all face hardships in life. Always trying to survive the next day. If God allows this to happen, then it is to grow stronger or to test your devotion to honoring His Name or whatever other reason it may be. We as human cannot claim we know the exact reason He allows it to happen, because we cannot speak for him. If He MAKES it happen, it can be for the same reasons or something else. The only difference being that we aren’t controlling how or why we choose a certain path to take.


I am not saying that God is not God by making things happen. I am no one to say what is right or wrong when it comes to the matter of  ” Does God allow things to happen or does he make things happen?” All this is simply my opinion and my view. But I will say this…I refuse to believe God hand picks some of the ripe fruit and puts it in His basket (Heaven) , and leaves the others to wither and fall from the Tree of God. Choosing to leave them to fall down to the dirt (Hell) and let the flies (Satan) take pleasure in its death.


What I’m trying to stress here is the lyrics, not the video. The video is pretty cool in my own opinion, but it is the lyrics that are the core to this post.


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  1. Deep…People are gonna have to think through this one. Make sure that you seperate the paragraphs. It will make it easier to read. You can also spilt up the post with a read more button. It works well for long post. Good work. Tags look great.

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