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666 The Number of the Beast

Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath,because he knows the time is short…Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six. “
*Revelations ch. XIII v.18*

I very much remember going on a missions trip to Lebanon City. The whole experience made me finally get into reading the Bible. Most probably wouldn’t advise starting in Revelations, but the whole End Times thing caught my interest. Even though I knew little about it, I still knew some basic facts. Take for instance, the Number of the Beast. I can perfectly recall overhearing a question being asked by someone from another church. A girl asked a question, and I quote, “…Since the number 666 is evil, is 333 half as evil?”. That is probably THE most stupid question I have ever heard. Looking back at it, I wonder exactly how much do christians really know about the Bible. Many people think that “accepting” the mark today marks them for life here on this earth. Complete fallacy. The book of Revelations describes that the beast forces the mark upon the world during the Tribulation Period (earth’s last 7 yrs. before the Glorious Appearing, when Christ comes back again). During that time, the mark prevents those without it to buy or sell merchindise. This may not seem like much, but we as society can’t go a week without having to buy food. Much less 7 years of turmoil and woe for those Left Behind (the Rapture will probably happen before the Tribulation Period, where all of those who believe in Christ will be raptured up into Heaven). So if someone tatoos the Number of the Beast on themselves, then it won’t really hold much meaning. They can still buy and sell stuff whenever they wish. For those who believe the mark will be implemented before the Tribulation Period, then you need to re-read some of the Bible. And if you believe the Anitchrist is among us today, then you should learn the criteria for what he will be like (not just some random person who does bad, but more so decieving the world into believing he’s good and achieves it).

Whether or not this girl was asking this to be funny or just really didn’t know, makes me evermore wanting to learn more from the Bible. We simply aren’t willing to learn more about the Bible, because most see it as a tedious task. This holds even more true for teenagers. Heck, even Lucifer knew the scriptures. We of all people should memorize important verses to prove a point if our faith is questioned or if we’re sharing it (something I struggle with). I know I am very passionate about learning more about The End Times, but this doesn’t really have much practical reason when your telling someone about how to get saved. All I know is, I really don’t want to end up asking a stupid question like ” If Jesus didn’t die on the cross, would we still be saved?”


2 Responses to “666 The Number of the Beast”

  1. That is so true Roberto. How much does the average Christian know about the Bible. I bet most barely know anything. Some Christians are okay with just knowing that Christ died for us and is one day coming back. That brings up the question are they really Christian. If your a true Christian you want to know more about the God you love and serve. I read through revelation a while ago but i think i am going to read through it again after we get done with the Experiencing God devotional. I’m glad you made a Blog Roberto i can’t always leave a comment but i will sometimes.

  2. 666 is in English…the original number was in greek..which looked like
    XE5′ . If you look at it sideways….it says “bismallah” or in the name of allah in arabic. Muslims admit that 666 is the number of the Quran. There is a chapter on my site that talks more about this and who the beast is. Feel free to take a look. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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