The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

“I’m Never Going Back Again. Right?”

I remember a year ago I only listened to rap and hip hop. During these past months, it has become evident that Rock music is what has gotten me through my troubles. A year ago I only listened to the beat and never paid attention to the lyrics. The lyrics are there for a reason. They often times reflect a certain idea. It has the most influence when it’s interpreted by the listener. Music doesn’t have to be christian to have a deep meaning. It seems that style of music is limited to what they are allowed to express before no longer becoming “christian”. 

One of my favorite rock songs is called “Life Wasted” by Pearl Jam, here are the lyrics: 

1) You’re always saying that there’s something wrong I’m starting to believe it’s your plan all along Death came around, forced to hear its song And know tomorrow can’t be depended on 

2) Seen the home inside your head All locked doors and unmade beds 

3) Open sores unattended Let me say just once that 

4) I have faced it, a life wasted I’m never going back againI escaped it, a life wasted I’m never going back again having tasted, a life wasted I’m never going back again 

5) The world awaits just up the stairs Leave the pain for someone else Nothing back there for you to find Or was it you you left behind? 

6) You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong You’re harder on yourself than just about anyone 

7) Why swim the channel just to get this far? Halfway there, why would you turn around? 

8 ) Darkness comes in waves…tell me,Why invite it to stay? 

9) You’re one with negativity Yes, comfort is an energy But why let the sad song play?

heheheh… I have faced it, a life wastedI’m never going back again Oh I escaped it, a life wastedI’m never going back again having tasted, a life wastedI’m never going back again 

10) oh i erased it, a life wastedI’m never going back again 

(this is only my opinion, not the bands)

I love to look at things and try to find a meaning out of it. This song is a perfect example.  

At #1, it reminded me about Timothy and Ethan. Most everyone, at least once, must have claimed God was wrong with taking them. But after having heard the weeping, prayers, memories, and tributes made to them, you’re hearing the “song of death”. Everyone who knew them were “forced” to hear this song. We’ve come to realize that it’s true that we cannot depend on tomorrow. We don’t know what it has in store for us. It’s His plan, so don’t just take what happened and let it fade away. Don’t let the painful memory cripple your life, but please… do not go back to the way you were living before this happened. 

#2  This deals with taking a look at yourself, at your “home” which is who you are. Some people choose to keep things locked up within themselves rather than open the door. Trying to compress everything into a tiny box. When we are in distress, we can’t keep our composure and look a wreck. Even then we neglect the problem. There are those who look like they got it all together, but the only ones able to see the ‘locked doors and unmade beds’ are the person and God.  

#3 shows that when we are hurting, we don’t choose to heal ourselves or don’t know how to. We would rather let the serpent continue to gash out on our wounds. Coming to God for help is key to help. It may seem like pouring alcohol on it, but it may only sting for a moment. The only one able to tend to those wounds is our God Almighty. 

#4 everyone’s faced it. A life where you’re only looking for the joys of the world and what it has to offer. I often times refer to it as “Californication” , (a Red Hot Chili Peppers song) seeking the materialistic, fake, famous, superficial, sins that the media ultimately glorifies. Anyway, it also says ‘i escaped it’ many people are able to get away from what this world has to offer, but it’s always going to be there. EVERYONE has tasted it. We have all fallen victim to the inequities ot mainstream culture. ‘i’m never going back again’ is what a lot of us say when it hurts us, but some just keep going back for more. It’s the only thing they are familiar with… 

#5 The world patiently waits for you to fall back in its magnet tar pit trap. The devil knows we’ll eventually fall back in. But we should be ever strong and vigilant and carry on, knowing that there is nothing back there that will give us any benefit. We know that many will become drunk with what the media exploits, but it is impossible to convince all who really matters. Those who fall victim to “Californication” feel that pop culture is their all, their only, their master, which has them sense that leaving it is like leaving their whole self-identity behind. 

#6 People in general will lower their expectations of themselves. This is due the insecurities, hardships, and relationships they have faced. Everyone can say what they want, but the person who has the biggest impact on ourselves is OURSELVES. ‘harder on yourself than just about anyone’ our self-esteem will always have the lead say on our perception of ourselves, the biggest influence, what we allow to come through and what we filter out. 

#7 When we attempt something, why do we often times give up? There’s no reason for it. It’s understandable if it’s simply too much for one person, but that’s why God has placed those true friends in our paths. To help us through the struggles, to give us a helping hand when we have fallen. Alas, we still take a passion for pride and dignity and choose to tackle it alone… 

#8 Hardships come in formation. They are unpredictable, unknown, and unprecedented in its impact. We should be able to carry on and come out of it stronger than ever with the help of Christ and our loved ones. ‘why invite it to stay?’ people will get too caught up with the problems and not know what else to do. Keeping it only ‘invites it to stay’. Allowing the toxic fumes to linger in the air. 

#9 When in despair we are consumed with thoughts and ideas that should’t even be. We should allow comfort of others to be an energy around us, giving us that motivation to know that all is not lost. To realize there is no reason to mourn, because God has everything happen for a REASON. We exalt His Name ever highly and know that He is our God…’but why let the sad song play?’


Finally, #10 Some say that they have erased a ‘life wasted’.  A life where we only care for me, myself, and I. Where the wine of sin is drunk from EVERYDAY, EVERY SECOND, ALL THE TIME. But have they truley done so? It is IMPOSSIBLE to do so on this supposively called “God forsaken world”. At times it may feel so. It’s been felt by EVERYONE; the SAVED, the MATERIALISTIC, the FAKE, the DRUNK, the FAMOUS, the SUPERFICIAL, and the SINFULL. The only way to not face it, the only escape, the only way to rid yourself of its bitter taste…the only way to permanently erase it, is to know and acknowledge and accept in your heart that the Lamb of God was slain at the cross to give us the oppurtunity to once again be in His precense and have that relationship with our Father and Saviour. After having had been tempted to drink from the cup of sins, given the opportunity to become a self-serving slave of the media, having resisted suicide or killing the person who has pushed you onto the deep end, being resilient in the face of what others want you to be, not becoming another victim of  “Californication”……if you have intrusted your life with Jesus; then He will personally meet you in Heaven with the most heart-warming embrace you have ever felt and utter the most precious words that will mean more than ANYTHING that the devil has ever offered you. “Well done my true and faithful servant”

        “Life Wasted” by Pearl Jam (lyrics in chorus are altered a bit)



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