The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

What Billions Have Failed to Do.

During the protest of the corruption of the Chinese Communist Party in 89′ (mostly led by labor activists, intellectuals, and students), the Chinese military was ordered to crackdown on the prostest. Resulting in many civilians dead or injured. As a row of Chinese Type 59 tanks where en route to do accomplish their orders, they were halted by a single man. The head tank tried to drive around the man, but he kept getting in his way. The man then climbed the head tank, telling the driver “Why are you here? My city is in chaos because of you. Go back, turn around, and stop killing my people.” This man did what billions today, and before us could not do. He spoke out for what’s right, for what he believed in, in the face of the enemy. Today, we as christians refuse to speak out for what is right, simply because we might get laughed at. Letting what we believe in go unheard, and thusly desecrated. Remember this, this man risked getting shot, beat, and crushed, but he did what all of you truley would not do…die for what was right.

No one is sure whether or not he was killed for his actions, nor is his name known, but he will always be known as Tank Man, the Unknown Rebel.


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