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He Hears You, But Knock Louder

A big part in most churches is singing. Whether it be singing with a live band or a hynm, it’s done in most churches. The reason being is to give God the Glory. To announce that He is King. To praise the Lamb which was slain at  Calvary to give hope for the human race. Because He has done so much for you, what else can you do but sing out to God? A problem with this is that we as people discriminate. “Let’s sing that David Crowder song for God’s glory!” “I’d rather sing an old fashioned hynm.” “No way! That songs dumb!” We prefer to choose a song that matches our standards. You may not like the song because of the instruments used, but like a slower tempo song. Thusly, due to this, we pour out our heart for our favorite worship song. Of course, it’s not bad to pour out your heart, but its gotta be done with ANY worship song. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean He doesn’t love to hear it. “You’re singing it for God’s Glory”. Something I hear more times than often when people don’t like a song. Alas, we are but humans, and when faced with an option we decide it to meet our needs. It’s in our nature. Given the choice, you make it to benefit you. Even if you try to meet the desire of others, many times your idea will reflect from the decision, because you still want a say in things.

As everyone has a favorite worship song, so do I. It’s not a gospel song or even by a christian band. It’s by Guns N Roses (one of the best bands), and it’s a song called “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. The first and only song where I always sing aloud and raise my hands when heard. Just simply awesome.

Video quality may not be the best, but who cares? (Too busy singing to notice)


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