The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

Just a Thought

I remember back at the age of 9, I would think just that. I only bring my parents anger and I feel like a burden. I am constantly having them yell at me for what I do. Of course, that was years ago. But it still lingered in my mind for a few years. Later on at around the age of 13 I began thinking much more intellectualy. Why would I do something like that? Not only is it pointless, but it’ll only bring misery and decadence. I could only imagine what hell my parents would go through. One of their life’s works wasted. I could honestly say I would NEVER have gone through with it. There was absolutely no way. A big part being I never ‘planned’ it out. It was just a recurring thought that ran through my mind. Simply a thought. Please do not get the impression that I would ever do that now. My mind is simply much to analytical to even see ANY benefit from such a pointless act. Especially to where my new found faith has taken me. But you must take into percpective of those who really would go through with it. Who see themselves as worthless. Truthfully, you cannot relate with them unless you also have had a similar ordeal. Which is why I try to expose myself to different point of views to relate to different people. So take the subject point of view into affect. A lot of them need an outlet for their anger. A need to satisfy what they are going through. Often times going for ways that are definetly extreme and dangerous. Take Columbine for example. 2 teenagers choosing to take out as many as they could in a school before marking their own demise. People will choose drastic ways to end their sufferment, but wanting to take others down with them. Though many will choose a more ‘controlled’ way to express their torment. Cutting themselves seems like the only pain and hurt they can actually control on their own terms. Think about, they are suffering in their own decadence. Many times resulting from what society does to them. Society will neglect, redicule, taunt, torment, and take sheer joy in their misery. That is just what people want. To get fun out of others no matter what follows. The pure cruelness of the human. Thousands have been subjected to this, but manage to climb out of it. But there are many who fail to do so, almost condemning themselves to turn to the ‘last resort’. Now, do not take into effect that if someone seems depressed that they will quickly look to this as an answer. But do not think they haven’t thought about it. They may have, but not in a serious way. To say, ‘God, please take me now’ while in you bed doesn’t imply full seriousness, but does point you down that path. If that same phrase were to be uttered with a knife in their hand, now that will all depend on the person and God. Whether or not you are willing to go through with it, and if He will allow it are the ‘soul’ verdicts in this trial that could end right now (do not ask me if He would allow it, I will not touch on that for now). So do not be like the heathen Gentiles who take joy in sin. Who would rather forsake the outcast than offer a helping hand. Just lending an ear could make a life’s difference. The simple compliment could easily get them to rethink their decision. Heck, think about what being a comrade to someone could do to their life. Because in most instances, if they do think about such an act, you can easily make a general guess to where their next destination will be…one way ticket to the Infernal Gates of Hell…..

Gnarls Barkley “Just a Thought”


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