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Back Off! You Don’t Know Me!

My name is Roberto Emmanuel Lopez. I am a Hispanic born in Trenton, New Jersey. He listens to Hip Hop and Rap music. Probably doesn’t give a crap about school. Bet he goes out in the streets and gets high or drunk. He probably talks a mix of both English and Spanish, fiting a curse word into every sentence in a conversation. Doubt he cares how he treats girls. As long as there’s one in his ‘possession’ he doesn’t have a reason to care about what she thinks.

I am 16 years old and have a blog. Great, another teenager has a blog. Not like anyone cares about what his day was like. Probably just writes about a bunch of pointless things he did today. “Yo! wat up home dawgs! i so owned that math test 2day! talkd about how badly he  pwned those noobs in halo.” God, can’t believe they really think people give a crap about their lives. Go get a MySpace instead you retard!

I am chrisian and like to listen to rock music. Another religious wacko. “Jesus loves you!” Like I give a damn. What’s he ever done for me? And what’s this? Look at this, he likes rock music. Doesn’t he know no one listens to ‘christian rock’. It’s just the same old crap! Singing about god this and god that. Listen to some real Rock for a change!

My name is Roberto Emmanuel Lopez. I am a Hispanic and was born in Trenton, New Jersey, but only lived there till’ I was 3 yrs. old. Despite that, I have always loved the streets and city life. I am a Hispanic and have great pride in it. I don’t see any point in hating other people just because of their race. People are people, no matter what their backround is. I am 16 yrs. old and have a blog. All I need to do is walk into the driver’s license place to take my permit test, but haven’t bothered yet (don’t wanna waste a part of my day there, even though it’s only a 1 min. drive there). People get blogs for varies reasons. Some just wanna write about their day, she just wants to express her ideas, he keeps you updated on the latest country music news. I have a blog to finally express myself without having to put on a charade. I am christian and like to listen to rock music. Notice that I never capitalize the word “christian”. Everyone in America considers themselves “Christians”. Many don’t even know The Way. They only choose to label themselves as “Christians”, because it shines themselves in a better light to others. It has been so over used, I don’t see any reason in having it stand out by capitalizing it. I have given my life to Christ but a mere 6 months ago (read the page “ego” on the side if you care as to how). In the past 3 yrs. being exposed to God in a constant way, my life has taken so many dramatic changes. I myself don’t really care much for any christian bands (barely know any). I myself prefer Heavy Metal and Punk Rock. Mostly anything with a good guitar riff sparks my attention. Currently trying to learn Bass (still need an amp…), but settle for Guitar Hero (play it like twice a month at the mall).

That was a sum of who I am basing it on 3 phrases that hold true to my life. The problem being is that from, but a small phrase, you can get quickly stereotyped into a category. Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism, are 4 COMPLETELY different things. Stereotyping is when you put people into clusters based on a few, if even this, ‘facts’ you manage to obtain from an individual. We do it every day, don’t say you don’t cuz you do. She goes to church, must be a good christian woman, best we avoid that group of teenagers who knows what they’ll do if we pass by, I could never talk to him he’s way out of my league. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE INDIVIDUAL, YET YOU PUT THEM IN A CLUSTER! Prejudice is when you don’t like someone or something for your own reasons, but don’t take any negative ‘action’ toward them. Molly dislikes pickles, so she doesn’t eat them. Why you ask? I don’t know! Maybe she had an ‘incident’ with em’ or doesn’t like how they taste. Urishima may dislike rich people for showing off their weatlth, but he doesn’t go off taging their homes. The fine line difference is that you may have negative perceptions of someone/something, but you don’t take any negative action towards them. Discrimination is just like prejudice, but you actually do something about it. Molly hates pickles, so she goes off and breaks in at the local Wal-Mart and breaks all the pickle jars. Ali just gave a good oral report in English, so most everyone gives him a high-five on his way to his seat. He passes by Corey, but acts like he didn’t see his hand so passes on by. Ali just did that because he knows that Corey is Amish. Something as little as what Ali did or as extreme what Molly did are all examples of discrimination. Racism is hating someone because of what people group they belong to (Jewish, Japanese, Columbians, Gays, Whites, etc.). This can lead to larger acts against certain people. One of the most worldly known today is the Holocaust. 2/3 out of every Jew (60 million out of 90 million), were killed in concentration camps, ‘Jew Hunts’, and other ways in WW2. We are not born that way. We are not born racist, it’s learned later in life by some. The person is a person. They bleed red like you, they cry like you do, they rejoice like you. Calling them an animal is completely false. That’s a fallacy. Even animals are BORN with the instinct of prey and predator. We are not born with the instinct of killing thousands. You sir, are a sinner. Nothing more…nothing less.

Rock and Rap are two very differnt styles of music. One is considered ‘white’ and the other ‘black’. In 1986, the band Aerosmith and the rap group Run-DMC broke down a barrier between these two genres. This song is what helped put Rap music into the mainstream pop culture (MTV generation), all the while bringing two massive groups of people together.

(this post courtesy of God, who told me to write about this very subject in a dream the other day. please, be yourself. not what people expect you to be)


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  1. omg.. good work, dude

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