The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

The Ocean

When people see you, they see you as a beach. At a distance, they only see the shoreline and the ocean’s waves. They would only see the clothing you wear and how you act. If they are willing to talk to you, they would get into the ocean, but only in the shallow part. Only getting to know what you’re into and how you personally act with others. If they’re truly your friend, then they would have already had dived deep into the ocean. Seeing the complexity of how you are. Your true beliefs, goals, and what makes you tick. But even so, the only ones who are able to go into the further most ends your thoughts and dreams are you and God. He even knows things about you that even you didn’t know. Those people who only saw the shoreline or even only got in the shallow part might reject you, because they already make assumptions of how you might be like. “He’s into rap music and dresses like a gansta. He’ll probably end up in a life of crime.” “Look at those preps, only coming to school to hang with friends.” People would only make shallow and stereotypical comments of you. Those who choose to go under the water will accept you for who you are, not as how other’s want you to be as portrayed as. (probably the first time i was ever really open about what i thought. don’t just watch from afar…go ahead, Dive Deep)

One Response to “The Ocean”

  1. I wouldn’t mind going to the beach right about now.

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