The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

True Friend

The friendhips you have today will forever affect your life in the future. They will get you through the hard times of having lost your boyfriend to how to clean the house-up in less than 10 min. after throwing that party you REALLY shouldn’t have thrown. Forever holding the feeling of when the both of you managed to win the championships. Arguing who should get the girl, but in the end deciding she isn’t worth tainting a friendship. It is through the life-long friendships you aquire in life that make the present and future evermore promising. Your ever faithful comrade who knows you better than anyone else. Sometimes better than you know yourself. After the High School and college years lies the Real World. Where God puts you both on different paths that don’t seem to criss-cross much in the future. Trying to hide that sadness inside, but revealing it to show how much you still value your friendship. But distance does not limit the intensity of the friendship, but rather fortifies it. Remembering every phone call that was spent joking around or consoling the other’s hardships through your calming voice that they O’ so recall. The simple post card that was sent informing how great a time they are having. Giving you a sense of joy to know they still remember you. To see what joy the friend is having, but  all-together she is still missing you. The two buddies that will never forget that laugh-filled weekend they managed to spend together. Just like the good ol’ days. Not a care in the world, other than what to do next that won’t get the both of you in trouble again. To cherish the times you are together as friends. Sometimes making it seem like it’s just another day. But when in their Golden Years, they’ll begin to reminice about their glory days as a young’n. Laughing through the tears of sheer joy of how that memory still brings him joy. Chuckling of the time they narrowly escaped both detention in study hall and near death in Vietnam. Taking pride in the fact that both of you were in Berlin when the Wall finally came crumbling down. To take a glance at the photos of yester-years passed by. Photos, that for you, cost more than both your arms and legs. Priceless photos that are worth over a thousand words in any language to your knowledge. The gnawing feeling inside of you arousing at the thought of your compatriot’s walk Home. Wondering how much longer you must wait to be reunited with your best friend. This leading you to look back to your younger days. Being able to live life normally while not seeing your friend for years. Wondering how this is any different than back then. But soon realizing that you knew they were only a phone calls reach away. Now, no longer in the once communist City of St. Petersburg or the technologically lit City of Tokyo. But in the Most Remarkable place ever created, the Paradise City. This thought shines a glimmer of hope for you. Giving you enough incentive to carry on to the next day praising the being that made this life all the worth while. So that the two friends; may live, laugh, weep, and enjoy the time they had together on Earth. To thank Messiah for the opportunity of living closer to Him. To forgive the sins committed by the two friends earlier in life. Living their life for the King first, then puttin their friendship second. To thank God that the time not spent together in this life will be more than made up with eternity with their two ever-loving friends. The friend that they have missed for so long and the friend that gave His own Life that made the everlasting friendship possible in the first place.

Wind of Change by the Scorpions


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