The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


God created the universe, but he doesn’t seem to need an explaination. The Big Bang Theory in now in null because it seems the universe was still around when this occured. Many believe it has always been around, just in different forms. Many ask, “if God created the universe who created God?” Most common response “He’s always been around and needs no explaination.” So if we can’t actually explain how God came to be, why do we need to know how the universe was created? Either way, evil has been around since the beginning of time. God is considered fiction while the idea of a Devil is ever present. Evil will take many different forms in the eye of the beholder; through natural disasters (Pompeii, Mt. St. Helens, Katrina), war (Civil War, WW2, Persian Gulf War), religion (100 Years War, persecution, enforcement), mass murder (Darfur, Holocaust, Stalin’s purges), people (Ronald Reagan, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-il), and deities (Lucifer, Ares, God), etc. We all see evil in different ways. What was once atroucity is now praised. Of course, some things still hold as evil which allows for order. The point being, it has always been around and will continue to occur until the day comes… 


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