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Heat of the Moment

Something I have attempted not to do is write about what occurs in my life. More so, events and such. But I find that using what has happens to me can easily be made a subject or example. So do not worry that I will rant on about some pointless part of my life that doesn’t hold any revelance to what I aim to do. I didn’t start this blog to write about a bunch of crap that no one would care to read. I may start using things that happen to me, but won’t use it unless it actually has a potent idea in it.

Today was like most any other day. Got MASSIVE writers’ cramp (spent over 3 hours of constant writing for PSSA yesterday) Missed another appointment (always late or too early for everything), but didn’t get yelled for it too much. SO, to get to the point of this, my mom, aunt, and I went to the mall to get something. Knowing my mom, she took forever lookin’ at clothes before deciding what to buy. So in the meantime, I walk around the mall before being summoned by my mother. Apparently there was this mix-up between her and the girl at Pac-Sun. My mom bought what she wanted, but didn’t get this $25 off card for the purchase. So I have to ask as to why. This all leads to a previous purchase she made there a few days ago, causing an arguement. I soon was soon turned into a spectator when she and the clerk began bickering as why she didn’t get the card. A teenage girl and a lady twice her age trying to prove their point. Now, my mother doesn’t speak very good English, so she was arguing with a limited vocabulary. But to my surprise, she got her point across perfectly. It was easily noticable she was frustrated, but in the midst of this I noticed she was speaking some of the best English I ever heard her speak. I never heard her talk so vividly in English. The why she articulated and had the right word usage was stunning. In the end, she didn’t get her card. She lost her card. I was impressed by what she did.

People get caught up in different situations all the time. Good and Bad. If someone gets all up in your face, the results may vary. The adrenaline would be pumping all through the guy if he decided to start a brawl. He could be looking for the easiest way out. Or he could somehow turn this into his advantage. The point being that he probably has only a few seconds to react or he’ll get punched either way. There is no time for rational thinking. No time to discuss with God if fighting him is a bad idea. You are running on reaction, prior experience, and lightning fast logic. But there are times where you have a much more extended time frame to think about your ideas, only they are clouded by emotion. I recall the missions trip to El Faro church and New York City. We came back with a bunch of ideas on what we should do to our student ministry. “we should do prayer walks!” “let’s get a game room!” “we should have prayer outreach!” “how about we throw a fair!” blah blah blah. All of these things have yet to happen. We were just simply caught up in the moment. Letting emotion cloud our minds. Sure we gave a bunch of ideas, but no one has bothered to follow up on any of them yet. We let the Heat of the Moment get to us and cloud our logic. God would like it if we did some these of ideas, but none of it has happened yet. There is one project that actually came out of this, (a teen hang out place) but the only one who really got on the case was the head honcho. Yes, ideas were proposed, and I am not trying to undermine them. It just must be realized that we sparked the project, so let’s carry it out. The emotion we feel in the moment can very well be positive, but easily get a negative or no outcome. And vice-versa. It all depends on the indiviual when. They will have a more comprehensive look on the situation after the moment has passed, but lest it be too late to do the right thing. Whatever that is.


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  1. Yes, which begs the question who knows what is right?

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