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The Best of Rebelde

The acclaimed pop group from Mexico have easily surpased previous American pop ‘groups’. These guys have lasted longer, without any internal matters occuring. I don’t really like em’, but I still respect them, here’s Rebelde.

Yes, this IS in spanish. The song is called “Inalcanzable”, meaning unreachable in English. Just with that tidbit of info, the song’s mood, plus the video should be enough to get a basic idea of what it’s about.

Cool video. One of their best in my opinion.

Other Favorites: Salvame


One Response to “The Best of Rebelde”

  1. Personally, I prefer the first songs “Rebelde” and “Sólo quédate en silencio”, but that’s just me.
    “y soy rebelde, cuando no sigo a los demás”

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