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The Best of the Beatles

The most well-known rock group in the world. Their appearance on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ is one of the most top-rated television broadcasts in history. They are still heard today by the new generation, as well as by the faithful listeners who had the privilage to witness their concerts live (people were so loud at the concerts that they often drowned out the music). One of the best musicians in the history of music, The Beatles.

I could never get tired of this song…

This song is just so relaxing and soothing…only wish it were a bit longer, but that’s what makes it all the more enjoyable.

Happiness is a Warm Gun. When you’re happy, it’s like you take a momentary dip into the boundless waters of Heaven. Just to take joy in the short moments of happiness we have is so precious, we could only hope it would last forever.

My all-time favorite Beatles song. One of the best songs rock songs that ever graced the genre of rock music. The lyrics hold such a meaning… It is just so beautifully executed that it just about brings me to tears….

Other favorites: Dear Prudence, Martha My Dear, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, Rocky Raccoon, Helter Skelter, Julia


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