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Soulja Boy, the kid who spits in the face of music

How easily you can get a quick hit with just adding a dance to it. Just slap a few sexual metaphors into it, a weak beat, and a bunch of paid people giving it hype…BOOM! Instant summer hit single. Seriously now, who doesn’t know the crappy dance! (Heck, even i know it! and i hate the song!). At least it’s now in the past…..hopefully…

If only this really did happen…tell him Superman

Apparently not, now the kid comes out with some stupid crap that really just gets on my nerves (restraining from cursing, I hate him that much). Just look at the ugly goblin/cretin/troll that jumps around from scene to scene! This thing could easily out do Chuckie! Little piece…….(REALLLY trying not to throw out any curse words) Then he goes off at the end and doesn’t really even give a damn that he gets F’s. This’ll really give the growing youth  a reason to not care in class. “Soulja Boy (hate saying that name) don’t care bout’ grades, so git off my case!” There’s this other song called Soulja Girl, but I REALLY REALLY do not want to put another video of this self-glorifying kid who gets rich off a bunch of crap.


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