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Amor…Liebe…Amour…Either way I don’t get it.

In the English language, when you share that “special moment” with your companion, it is often referred to as “Love” (true in most european originated languages). I do not necessarily mean the emotion, but sex. When a couple who truely love each other finally decide to have sex, they call it Love. They do not say “Let’s have sex”, that sounds much too trivial and lacks profoundness. But when they say “Let’s make love”, then it suddenly fills the other with uncontrollable mirth (given the intensity of the relationship). Perhaps not by what is to come next, but what it signifies. It means to become one flesh, to join in spirit and body. The whole thing may seem romantic or meaningful, but I personally fail to see the point. To have sex with your love seems a tad too crude. I mean, sex is one of the most exploited things of this world! There’s teenage sex, porn, prostitution, rape, and countless other inequities wrought from the human lidido. A teenager can easily get sex as long as they have popularity and status. You rarely get there by other means in high school (but there is of course the cruel loss of a bet). A large majority of high school kids don’t care for the results of this. A teenage couple goes out, has sex a few times, then go out with other people. Thusly repeating the process. Prostitution has no grounds of romantic emotion. You PAY a person to have sex with you, because you either can’t get any or are obsessed with it. So now we have individuals selling their bodies for so much an hour, charging extra for “extra”. Porn is something that spreads its influence beyond the previous two. Porn is facile in its obtainence. You can either buy it in the store, (usually bought at the sex shops, cuz i never see it bought anywhere else) or attain it free via the internet (the ever growing sphere of influence in western society). The people in the productions are more than willing than to be paid money to have millions view. Rape is one of the MOST revolting atrocities that can come of human being. Forcing such an act on someone only reveals the corrupt, inhuman nature of society. The simple concept of sex has spawned so many demons, that I fail to see what is so special about that. I all honesty, to do what society has desecrated in meaning, seems like an assault on the loved one. The Bible talks about love, especially in the Song of Solomon. It describes the fact that it is truely a sacred moment that was purposed to intensify the loving relationship between a man and a woman. Maybe it’s because of my age or whatever, but I do not see how having sex with the woman of your dreams can truely be pleasing to both parties when it seems to defile her body.


One Response to “Amor…Liebe…Amour…Either way I don’t get it.”

  1. I think maybe sex as “love” comes from the idea that sex is sinful and people should only have sex in marriage and for reproduction. Marriage used to be about passing property from one generation to another but in the 1800’s it became about love but sex was still considered sinful and should only be done in marriage and marriage was about love thus sex became about love.

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