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Lost Innocence

While watching a spanish talk show , I notice they’re talking about something that caught my attention. The topic was about prostitution. Now I admit, I did not watch the whole thing, but the first 15 min. or so, the show gave some insight on a particular part of prostitution. It dealt with child prostitution (kid to teenager i guess). In Latin America alone, about 1.2 million youth are forced into lives of selling their bodies. They do not get anything out of it other than the basics to survive. How greatly such experiences wreck havoc on their young minds is shocking. They are forced into countless autrocities, such as child pornography and the roaming of streets for “business”. Do not think for a moment that they choose to do any of this, because they are still children they have no say in what they do. They are easily beat and subdued to follow the commands of their “owners” (was going to use the word manipulate, but no human being, no matter how young, can believe that this is what is norm). What makes matters worse is the fact that prostitution is legal in most of the Latino countries. How can someone have the heart to do such a thing to an innocent child? One who knows not of what is being forced upon them, other than the instinct that it is terribly, terribly wrong. Now do not believe that this only occurs in Latin America….for the whole world is convicted of this. The only difference may be how it circulates and flows through the given area, but nonetheless the same, exact evil. But what just plainly appalls me is the fact that there are sick bastards out there who WANT this stuff… not for a second believe that there are, but a few of these sick perverts. You can see them every day. If you pay enough attention, you will see the occasional older guy checking out the junior high school kid. This isn’t too hard to notice for it happens most everywhere (not saying you should go scout out these occurences, think a little man!). Whether or not middle-aged men are looking at little kids like this………..please do not even consider trying to catch this, because from what I can imagine, it seems more than disturbing and errie…

(note that all of these examples are NOT limited to men only. both genders have taken joy to these gruesome acts. though i try to keep it genderless in most posts, especially such, the examples follow what most can picture or imagine. do not for a moment come to the conclusion that this pertains to only one gender, it includes the other gender just as much)


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