The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

It Ain’t Yours, Its His

Greed is one evil that came into effect even before money. In the failing economy of America, big name artists and bands demand to be paid in Euros rather than U.S. Dollars. Currently, it takes about $1.50 to equal one Euro. With the wreckless usage of money in America, the United States of America has a national debt of over 7 Trillion Dollars….and rises by the thousands every minute (not kidding). So as America begins its downward spiral to its due destruction, the dessidents are hoarding as much as they can for self profit. Now I myself am very guilty of this, as is every American, but the way it goes down causes stress to my mind. All of a sudden you can put a price tag on someone. Adoption is good in its reasons, but how do you put a price on a human life? Now the thousands may supposively be for the “paper work”, but I guarantee the baby literally has a sum of money added to that “purchase”. Prostitutes and strippers are selling and showcasing of their body for profit. They see that as long as someone is willing to pay, they can get easy money out it. But the truth of the matter is, that they are often times abused and taken advantage of simply by what they are seen as. Poverty in America forces those who need the money to take unconventional routes to obtain it. People kill others to take what little they have, and end up being whisked off to jail. Where they will spend a good portion of their life, and ending up worse than they were before they did the crime. You have pastors out there who go out and preach the “prosperity gospel”. Which sides with the idea that christianity will bring you riches in this world, and if you’re still stuck in poverty then you aren’t a true christian. This is what makes a worse name for the christian religion. These pastors only care for the “benefits” of christianity, while neglecting the rest of the Bible. Jesus favored the poor and outcasts. He told that we should give to others who really need. What we have is not even ours to begin with. God gives us what we have today, and expects us to do what we can with it. He has graciously given what we take for granted. The accomodies of prolonged food storage,  shelter, and even the air we breathe. But we abuse and taint what we are given from God. America stuffs their faces with fast food while informing the country that we should donate to the countries that need it. In my own experience, I have  seen TOO many damn people throw away food for the most RETARDED reasons!! ” ‘you just threw away a whole gatorade’ ‘well, it was warm’ ” “i don’t know why i bought this, i’m not even hungry” When on one channel America tries to preach that we should give our food to the needy, but the next channel shows a sitcom with food being flung everywhere….all I can do is simply shake my head. People only need shelter that will keep them warm and dry. Not a complete estate in which they only reside in for a few days, if that, and a blanket surely does not count as a shelter. Event the air we breathe comes from Him. Yet we with our ‘machine mansions’  and ‘mad mechanisms’ pollute the very air that gives us our life. Choosing to have others take care of the problems we ourselves cause. All of these examples of greed blaspheme the name of God. He gives us these things so we can take care of it and multiply what He has given us. Even if given little, we can still harvest something from it. There is nothing wrong in raising money. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have any ‘extra’ accomody, but we should know when to limit it. Do not be a fool and waste all that you are given, for you are then left with nothing. But if you manage your possessions, then they will become fruifull. Just like a tree, you got to take care of it so you can get the most out of it. Those who let greed overtake their judgement exploit the tree till it’s bare, often times causing them to sell lumber from the tree. If you exploit what you have been given, then you will have to give up the blessing completely. Use what He has blessed you with for His glory (this very much includes talents), for it is the least you can do for thanks for what He has done.


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