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The Best of Pearl Jam

Rock music is the greatest music genre out there (in my opinion, of course). The sub-genres of rock each have their own feel, but one of those is like a breathe of frest air. You simply cannot compete with the sub-genre of Grunge. I could honestly say that Pearl Jam is one of my most absolute favorite bands of all time. What they bring to the picnic table completely blows me away and leaves me in awe.

I thought the beginning of the song was great, but when I heard the last half….it just produced such a grand feeling of wistfulness inside of me…song’s like this are always going to be in my mind forever. It just brings a smile across my face and all I can do is look toward the sky…

How so many women are bonded to the miserable lives they live. All because of some guy who doesn’t value her at all. The lyrics just hit dead on.

This video screams 90’s! Enough said.

One of the BEST rock songs ever. The first time I watched this video it just caught me off guard. Contraversy that really hits home and makes you realize life isn’t something that comes easy to most people. How the cruelty of humans, even those close to you, can drive someone off the edge. Bullying, neglect, redicule, isolation. There’s only so much a person can take. The fact that this is really a true story just makes this song remarkable. One day, a kid walked into his English class and shot himself in front of everyone in the class because he was fed up with how things were going….what a powerful song…

Other favorites: Even Flow, Life Wasted, Alive


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