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The Best of Flyleaf

Christian music has a limited audience, thusly fails in getting their music to the much needed public. They are always limited to a christian audience. Bands like U2 have managed to keep their faith alive by incorporating it with their music. This gets their message across to the masses, only in a less obvious way. Flyleaf is also following a similar path. By appealing to the rock generation, Flyleaf gives off its chrisian vibes while still rockin’ it out loud. Honestly, one of my most favorite bands ever.

 A song I can rock out to while knowing it gives praise to the great I Am. What other mainstream rock band can do that?

 This is one of the best vocals from a rock band. The lyrics just make this band all the more addicting.

Its rare to find killer vocals in a female in the Rock music genre. Not only does Lacey have a beautiful voice, but she has the awesome ability to scream out, signature of a true rocker. 

To end it, the song that brought me to one of the best rock bands ever to grace this genre. Guitar Hero has just opened me up to so many great rock bands. I only wish I can someday get to play this song on Guitar Hero (i do not own Guitar Hero, so that sucks)

Other favorites: Cassie, Sorrow, Breathe Today, There For You, So I Thought, I’m Sorry, Perfect, Red Sam, Justice and Mercy, Much Like Flying, Supernatural, Something I Could Never Have (pretty much everything they’ve released thus far)


One Response to “The Best of Flyleaf”

  1. i agree Flyleaf’s lyrics are amazing.. Listening to their music got me my faith back and helped me get out of depression.. Love them!

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