The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

The Typical American “christian”

The greed of humans knows no bounds. The human race is more than willing to exploit whatever resource just to gain some profit out of it. A perfect example is the perception of an average american christian. Like I have said before, the term “christian” has been used out of context so many times by the Gentiles. If asked on the street what religion they take following to, the average white adult/teenage middle/higher-class citizen will respond with “I am a christian”. Now, there are times when they actually mean it, but the word is just used so constantly that I don’t see much meaning in that word. Most people simply say they are christian just to shed themselves in a better light. “Wow, she probably goes to church n stuff. What a nice person”. Most of those people do not even know of the mystery of Christ’s death. The christ follower tries to do his or her part for him, but we are but human. We are finite. We try to get the message across, yet so many different obstacles are in the way. Some of them mental and others physically.

Those who have pledged allegiance with Christ aren’t always what they should be. Now, of course, a disciple of Christ will fail many times, but the person tries to correct their actions. The “christian” will bend the truth and state “Christ died for my sins, so now I can do what I want with no regrets!”You have been washed clean with the blood of the Lamb. By dying on the Cross is where He shed His blood for us. But it is said that he who repents shall be forgiven. The “christian” will do what they want without caring. They don’t want to ask for forgiveness, believing they no longer need it. Another characteristic of the “christian” is selfishness. This is easily expressed with the preaching of the prosperity gospel. These fake teachings consist of a rich preacher praising the concept that Christ wants us to have a better life. The rich man will state that God has meant to bless us no matter what. Rich man will convict those who are not wealthy, exclaiming “If you aren’t financially well-off, then you aren’t a true christian”. A complete lie in itself. Rich man influence their point with quoting altered, if not made-up, verses from Scripture. The “christian” will forsake those who are different. They see that they are not their problem, if it was they would condemn them to wherever. They fail in even giving a second glance to the sick, blind, and those drunk with the wine of sin. It is these selfish “christians” that have wrought bitter fruits that have made the perception of christian as the religion for the wealthy, selfish, bitter white man who wants only for himself.


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