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Scattered Gems: sBcR

 Knock knock jokes can be very old and hollow now a days. You really have to search for new ways to spice things up a bit. I mean, you can’t tell this kind of joke and expect mass histeria from your audience if you don’t have an ace up your sleave.

CAUTION: DO NOT GO AROUND ASKING THIS QUESTION TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. RESPONSES MAY RANGE FROM: BLANK STARES, QUESTIONED SANITY, SELF-WORTH ISSUES, AND RANDOM BURSTS OF MOROSE. Saw this about a half a year ago. This really does arouse a perplexing question which I still ponder from time to time.

You have to be kind of open to fully embrace the comedy of these guys. I suggest you watch till’ the end, it’s the funniest part and you won’t get it unless you watch the whole thing. Don’t forget to listen to the lyrics, that’s where the gold’s at. Plus, the song’s addictive (and the dance blows  soulja boy away! Yeah!)

This is the 3rd episode to a SSBM (super smash bros melee) machinima, called Smashed. The basic plot line: a pichu (aka Lenny) must find pikachu to get home, he meets up with a yoshi who determines where pikachu is, but not without a test. Really funny if your open about it. The funny’s all in the dialogue in this continuing saga.


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