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Hey, Baby

After walking home from the bus stop in the gently decending rain (spring, 2nd best season our there), I figure today will be like most others. Apparently not. You see my mom’s been babysitting this little baby for the past 2 months, (best baby ever, he’s so calm & has such a smile. I love this kid!) so I expect to see him with a smile across his little face. To my discomfort, he’s sick. Something about his forhead being dented in so he’s got a lot of phlem in his throat (I don’t mean he got injured or dropped on his head, it’s just a notable symptom of whatever). To make him feel better, my mom gives him some cooking oil mixed with salt and lime. Just seeing his little face grow sour after drinking it put me on a parental level. I didnt want anyone to touch, hold, or give him anything. All this in effort to no longer have him cry in discomfort. I literally walk around the house for about half an hour before he has to take something else (Some kind of water to finish the remedy). Chino (not his real name, our family calls him that) REALLY doesn’t want to drink anything more from my mom’s hands, but he has to. I swear, I could feel the tears rushing to my eyes in watching him have to drink this stuff. It doesn’t taste bad, but he just kept making this face of pain that made me worry all the more. After his little ordeal, I do the same as I was before. Walking around the house in circles with Chino in my arms. The amount of time he sick made me worry if he was going to feel better, and the thought that his parents were going to come soon didn’t make me any happier (they’re in their mid-twenties, not much baby experience, made me worry all the more). Thank God he got better. He was back to chugging down the milk in no time.

I got a rush of being a parent for about an hour. I feel this way toward my dog (parents hate this), but it didn’t match the intesity like it did today with the baby. I was going to keep him near to me until he was completely healthy, no matter what. I mean, I’ve seen this kid from the day he was born to this date. I’ve seen him grow up from a tiny babe, to a little plump infant. For the past several days, he’s been making meager attempts in crawling, but has only accomplished in rolling himself over (lawls). I feel this strange connection to him that wouldn’t hold true if I didn’t see this kid like another sibling. During this time, I see how parents must feel. Only ten times the intensity. Our parents must have such a feeling of mirth and pride seeing us grow up. I’ve only seen a few months of Chino growing up, imagine years of that. Of course, there are woes and trails in raising a child, but the memories of happy times are what keeps them joyful. I only got an hour trial run on being a parent, but that really was something. This opens my eyes again to truely love my family while their still around…I pray to God that there will be a bountiful amount of memories with my family, but I soon realize that won’t make it any easier (actually, much harder) when the day comes for them to leave this Earth…..


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  1. It hard to see a little baby cry and you feel helpless.

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