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American Idol=Entertainment

Jason CastroAs the masses rampage down to the nearest TV this week, I would like to decipher as to why everyone loves American Idol so much. It has many times been referred to as the ‘the single most important television program on US television’. The concept of having ordinary ‘schmoes’ (never used that word before) sing their hearts out for a chance at fame has spawned copycat shows over dozens of nations. Even American Idol was based off the UK show Pop Idol, airing a year before the frenzy invaded the State’s (can anyone say ‘British Invasion’?). Its popularity has uprooted so much attention that most would only ever watch this one show. People are more than willing to give up “House” and “Family Guy” just to keep American Idol on the air. I mean, it has what every good show needs; comedy, drama, sexual content, dialogue…..need I go on? But let’s be real, everyone dies for the auditions. That is the core to American Idol’s success. You have countless people try to best the others with some of the most outlandish schemes. Costumes, memory lapse, crushed over confidence…who doesn’t love that!? People treat the auditions as a movie night. Popcorn, soda, and a room filled with people. Just like the cinema, only better. For those into a comedy, then get ready. That is the total essence of the auditions. You have some of the funniest clowns (sometimes literally) on the show. Most just want to be on television, but there are those delirious folk who actually believe they can sing. This leads to either a dramatic waterworks show or a one-sided battle of words (i’m sure those harsh words just eat away at simon’s heart….for those who think he has a heart). There are those who always enjoy the eye candy of the show. When a hot person shows up on the scene, they are probably praying to the god they don’t believe in that they sing good. 93% of the time their hopes are crushed as the person’s voice is simply autrocious. Looking at it more closely, people only really watch the auditions for what they portray. People who are willing to wait hours in line to either get a chance at super-stardom or just to get on TV. Some have reached the top, but I honestly haven’t seen many who reach the top like other self-acclaimed stars and stay there for decent amount of time. Their reign is usually short-lived and I have yet to see many get their name out there (exeption of Kelly Clarkson, she has managed a good showing thus far). So as the whirwind of talent continues onward many people keep hoping that their chosen person makes it to the top.

jason castro

Take this guy for example, his name is Jason Castro. A friend of mine told me that this guy is a shoe-in to make it to the top, but I really wonder about that. I admit, I haven’t seen him perform, but he may seem promising. This guy was in a band before and supposively a christian (i guess this is why he thinks he’ll win). I’m all for another christ follower to get into the mainstream music business. He’ll hopefully spread a positive influence like U2 and Flyleaf have done. If he doesn’t win, then I really won’t worry or care. I see American Idol as somethinig that is completely over-rated. But I must admit, the auditions are the heart and core of what has made this show such a successs in the nation. The only questions left are who’s gonna get kicked off the show this week and Who will be the next American Idol!

Jason Castro


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