The Unsung Hero
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Jewels Over Coal

I have always seen the concept of having more things is better than having few. Take into example food. I see that having a bunch of fries is far better than a single burger. I would rather play on  a soccer team where there are many moderate players than on  a team with but one or two great players. It’ll be easier for the moderate team to take the team with few expert players, because they have a better chance of getting the better of the few. With only a few players that are good on the other team calls for extra work, resulting in rapid stamina loss. The media upholds the fact that more is better. MORE money, MORE music, MORE comedy, MORE sex, MORE friends….the last one I see as different than the rest. It’s one thing to have a myriad of friends, but I question as to if they’re all really “friends”.

A friend is considered many different things. A comforter, an ear, an advisor, an entertainer, a conscience. A friend can be seen as in many ways. What must be taken into careful consideration is percisely how someone can be considered a friend. Just because they always listen doesn’t mean they really care. How many times have you had someone you don’t even know very well begin to spark a conversation about a rediculous topic. In a showing to not hurt their feeling, most listen without really caring. There are those who are willing to make you feel better, but fail to really show much importance to you afterward. Those people make an attempt in making you feel more secure. The only problem with that is that it is but a one time ticket. They only care to uplift your spirits and send you back into the raging storm without lending further aid. The only big goal for them is to have you be happy when in their precense. Someone who gives advise would be seen as a good friend, but that doesn’t make sense. ANYONE can give advise on anything. They don’t even have to know you. Why do you think fortune tellers, counselors, and advice books get attention? As long as a basic criteria is filled, anyone can give any kind of advice on any given topic. The risky bit about this is what is advised. Who you consider “friend” doesn’t always have your best interests in mind. If you are well known for trying any advice given to you, then they will use you for their own gain. Be it a  lab rat or simple pawn. An advisor does not always have your best interest at heart. The “comrade” you have could very well be a strong sphere of influence. You only do what the other does for their sake, not yours. What they hold as important or menial task is adopted into your own beliefs. This runs the risk of loss of individuality. The ideas and moralities of others will no doubt shape your own, but when you mimick others beliefs is when trouble arouses. Trials and woes shall surely follow the one who doesnt’ think for his or her self. Because if you always do what your “friend” does, then the results could easily lead up to; addiction, lowered standards, resentment, decadence, shallowness, and self-affliction. Why people mimick their friends when they know it will only cause harm to others (as themselves) is just beyond me in understanding. The entertaining friend, however, is easily understood. The person is just that. An entertainer. They take great joy in either being the center of attention or just joking around. In the world, most actually conform to such friends. All they do when they hang out is joke about whatever captivatest their interest. A strong relationship will never prosper like this. The person only cares to laugh and have fun. If you’re all moppy, then the friend will most likely not care for your problem. They will probably retort with some frustration and abandon you. Only advising to meet back up with them when you’re better to be around. Entertainment wants response, nothing does not cut it. A friend can be many things, you just have to watch out as to which traits are considered worthwhile in a comrade.

Ever since last year’s summer, I have been dramatically talking more with people. I just began to open up and get past that paranoia of what a person would think of me. In that time, I do know a lot more people than I did year’s before. In a nutshell, I have become much more sociable. Like I said before, I do know a lot of people. Which makes me have a good amount of friends. The good thing about that is I have not limited friends to a certain social stanza. I do not only hang out with the punks or street kids. I really do not care as to who I befriend as long as I am shown some respect, which most of my friends do show. One thing about this is that it has allowed me to share my mind with different people. I will not say certain things to some of my friends, because they will just not get the joke another one of my comrades would understand. It allows me to be much more open, just with different people. But, like in most cases, I do have some closer friends than others. They are not many (3 actually), but they are the few that actually understand me in their own different way. They are a mixture of what a friend should be like; hilarious, concerning, gleeful, not subject to mainstream culture (2 of ’em anyway), and sarcasm (love it) are but a few of what has made these killer friends of mine such a blessing. The past few weeks  have been somewhat of a storm. But after this sunday, I just felt a lot more refreshed. Being able to start anew. What has mainly helped in this process is the interaction of one of my close friends. I just got me to think about what I was trying to do the past few months. Not to be making new friends, but to strengthen the ties I have with people I already know. Tossing out the thought of more is better has made me have a clearer thought process. I would trade dozens of friends for a few close comrades as I have now. The groups of friends will expect you to act a certain way, the close comrades will expect you to be yourself without having to mask it. The American Society has made it acceptable law that more is always better. It holds true with even friends. I will not be part of what western society has dictated, because I know now that those few close people are saphires, rubies, and diamonds…..compared to the rocks and coals of whom society considers “friends”. But that is not to say that a jewel cannot be made out of a lump of coal, for apperances can decieve the eye.


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