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It’s Californication (tier 1)

I’m sure everyone has a favourite song they like to hear. Some like the hip hop scene while others prefer to rock out to punk rock. But let me ask you. What does the song represent for you? Do the lyrics reveal how you live your life. Is the beat none like you’ve ever heard before? Does it stress your inner self? Do the vocals just blow you away? Is is just “your song”. Remind you of a loved one? Or is it that song that you have just got to start dancing or singing to when you hear it on the radio?  Music today is one of the most essential parts of society. It’s one of the most favoured ways to express one’s self; may it be through the lyrics, the instrument played, the singing, or the back beat. Music is what makes this world all the more diverse and enjoyable.


excert from “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers


1) Psychic spies from China

Try to steal your mind’s elation

Little girls from Sweden

Dream of silver screen quotations

And if you want these kind of dreams

It’s Californication



(This is my opinion, not the bands)

The meaning of Californication is in the name.  Just take the 2 words in the name, California and fornication. California is very self-explanatory. Be like the movie stars, gorge yourself in bodily lusts, take joy in praising your own name, follow the laws that dictate how the youth should live. Fornication as to betraying the your Heavenly Father. Going against what the Word of God teaches just so you can be like the rest of the Gentiles. The song deals with the deterioration of society, reflecting the superficial and “plastic” ways California has sold to the world. People are obsessed with attaining fame and the plastic unrealistic image the media auctions for all. This is what is tearing the Western world apart. It is what smites and strikes our morals down to the ground. Making it okay to flunk school just because a singer says so (and I mean soulja boy).  Despite this, what controls it will refuse to destroy it. Why? It’s all about capital, fortune, gold, the money. It is what has allowed this nation to become as wealthy as it is. It has been carved deep enough into our brains that we’ve become addicted to it. Society wouldn’t give it up for anything, and would rebel if it were taken away. But think about how much it has contributed to this nation. Album sales, name-brand clothing lines, and hit TV show ratings are a few of the things that bring in the bread for this nation. Other countries have become disgusted with what Californication has turned us into, that they quickly oppose it. They refuse to allow Western influence to invade their culture. The big business corporations that control Western influence disapprove of this, because it limits their influence which brings them more money.


Everyone’s seen the commercials mocking competitor’s products, doesn’t this remind you of somebody? Us, especially the teenage generation (do not think you’re any better adults, we are all convicted of this crime). We all spout out rumors to create conflict, gain power, and mock others. The worst part is that many of us take these lies as fact. Everyone passes judgment before knowing the truth, but what they see as “truth” is what that complete stranger told them. Those who are unbeknownst to our personal lives rob us of our stability and joy simply by keeping the lie alive. It’s starting to look like “justice” on the social bar is guilty before proven innocent, which leads to revenge that is not only an injustice before the victim, but to the Almighty King Himself. For we haven’t the right, much less the position, to even consider, taking revenge. Only He can take on such a task, for we would once again be reverting back to our own sinful nature.


The image of fame and fortune has spread its profound message to the whole world. Everyone in the West now wants to taste the prosperous ways depicted on the silver screen. To one day be like the actor which has won the heart of millions. Striving to become that person that is idolized like a god before the nations. Becoming a sphere of influence has entered the mind of many. Some want to be that positive influence, which becomes the motivation for them to become stars. Evil can even use such motives to direct the new generation of stars down a rigorous  road. One day being the teen sensation, and the next being talked, not about the achievements, but for what immoral deed was done (high school musical, Vanessa Hudgens) Even despite this, people still clamber on to be that face on the giant cinema screen. Everyone has wanted and yearned for this dream. The show American Idol only gave millions of people the hope and chance that they too, can live it big like the stars. Only giving the next generation a chance to become a god. A god among hundreds of others, where there is only room for a dozen to stay on the highest tier. A tier that is fiercely battled for so that those few may have their chance to bask in the spotlight. A position that should be savored, for the Hollywood scene shall either let you walk down the cat walk for but a short season, or it shall forcefully remove you…heh, you’d be “lucky to ever work in this town again” if you pull a stunt that puts you in the glory as the ONLY god and lord…


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