The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

Imaginary God

People want to think they got all the answers. To be that mentor or teacher. Passing their knowledge and wisdom down to the masses for them to marvel at their words. You have the guillible and analytical people in this case. There are people who will easily be swayed to what the activist says because he’s already attracted a crowd. It’s proven fact that people follow what others do. So this would rouse the idea that religion is fallacy. A hoax, perpertrated by man to sway the mind’s of the masses. How are we expected to believe in a god that is never seen? Wind isn’t visible, but at least we can feel it. An Invisible God to many is an Imaginary God to countless others. Many times the Bible is a typical case of this. A bunch of primitive human beings gathered togther to write some arbitruary religious document. How do christians know the Bible comes from God? Because the Bible says so, a common response from most. Not very firm grounding. This results in an athiest or unbeliever to get the best of you. If you are trying to spreadt the gospel, no doubt you’ll recieve questions. So if you cannot answer a question that is above what you know, then how do you expect to defend yourself (or God in this matter). The video below has some very striking and key points to what can lead a christian to slip up. Now, I am not attempting to say that God is not real. In my faith, I do believe in God and that His son died for our sins. I just want to vent what my ideas were before becoming a follower in Chirst. A christian will need to prove their point if they really want any success in spreading the gospel. People will challenge you to prove THEIR point. In other words, a debate that can happen anywhere. As a representative from either side, you must rebutle with an effective, and crucial point. Your allegations and responses will respresent what you stand for. Which ever side loses, the winner will feel that superiority for the moment. I just want to stress what could be out there, lying in wait. Whatever your beliefs are; islam, athiesm, christianity, buddhism, or whatever. You must be prepared to defend your point.


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