The Unsung Hero
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Lil’ Oink

I try to not write about my own life (cuz’ i doubt anyone really cares about it) if it doesn’t lead to a topic, but I just had to write something about this. I remember about 3 yrs. ago, my family went on a trip to Guatemala to visit relatives. During this time, joy and delight was common place as we visited relatives. We were there for about 2 months, so it gave us plenty of time to settle down as if

it were home. My favorite locale was not in the city, but out in the town outskirts. We would stay with my aunt who lives just a mile out of town. The home was placed upon a hill that gave a view overlooking a gorge. Like a giant took an axe and just flung it into the ground. Anyway, the home got what it could  from a small supply of farm animals; a cow, a half dozen chickens, a duck, and two pigs. Simple assortment, nothing special. But the strange thing was that they had two very odd pigs. One was the typical fat, huge, ugly pink hog that was a butchers dream. The other one was a small pig, about the size of a terrier. It had a strangley rough, but gentle hid that gave off a soothing feeling when curessed. I gave this little pig more attention than even the dogs. Pretty soon he began to follow me as if I were his companion. I soon gave him the name Lil’ Oink (fitting for a small pig, if i do say so myself). This little oinker was like a dog. The plus being that I didn’t get any slobber on me. During my stay, I would sneak Lil’ Oink some food here and there. I’m pretty sure my cousins saw me do this, but saw it as a benefit (long term benefit, u should be able to figure it out). I loved this little pig like he were my own child. I warded off those who tried to mess around with him, I would sit on the grass with him by my side, we would just stand there and he would give me this look of pure compassion….

As warmer times roll on in, I reminice about my little pet pig. I knew, even then, what fate awaited him. To save him some sufferment, I proposed the idea to my aunt to rather sell him than…right….I somehow see this a better course than the other. So as my Lil’ Oink is no doubt ham, bacon, and pork reins…I still remember the best pet I ever had. Sure it was a pig, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been a pet. I’m always gonna remember that little pig that brought me some joy. In those times of my life, I really needed something to show concern over. That memory always brings a smile to my face…

Lil\' Oink 

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