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The Best of Nirvana

One band that I would have to say really made its mark is Nirvana. The band kicked off the glorious 90’s era. These guys started out the whole sub-genre of Grunge rock (best rock genre in my opinion). Kurt Cobain just put something so compelling in the music. Such music, I will always remember. The other week marked the untimely death of Kurt Cobain. He is, without a doubt, the person I look at in Rock history with a respect beyond all others. There are bands out there that wouldn’t be there was it not for NIrvana. This post is to commemorate the death of Kurt Cobain, the greatest single person in Rock HIstory.

kurt cobain

 I really can’t say much about this song. Really gives off the whole Grunge feeling with superbity. The old black and white video adds some olden time class, with the suits and all…then again, so does the dresses.


Yet again one of their best. Lithium is one of those few songs that drives that mellow vibe into ya, but still keeps that rock in it. The song just screams 90’s era gold.

This is the song that brought me to Nirvana. Of course, it was on Guitar Hero. Being it one of the few songs I could play back then, I decided to look into the band. One of the best videos that portrays the mind of Kurt Cobain. The lyrics, for me, have a completley different meaning than the actual video. Both have their own meaning in my mind. The lyrics about seduction to a woman and the video to what religion is thought of today…dead on with what the world thinks about it today.

What I would call an anthem in rock music. More so, an anthem for the 90’s era. The song that kicked off the Generation X into full charge. Where the fashion, music, and generation was fully represented for the whole era. A song that is fully reknown as the song that gave Nirvana its image. The song that can be identified with to anyone growing up during the grand era of the 90’s.


I don’t really know if this counts or not, but this is my favourite song (more so cover) by Nirvana. It was originally a David Bowie song, but the way it’s portrayed here makes it better than the original version. The lyrics are what really grabs me. I can relate everything to a specific topic that I am not willing to share. Such a song that perfectly compliments Cobain’s killer vocals. If only I had that opportunity to listen to him live…but then again, if I were born earlier, I seriously doubt I would have ever come to know and respect Nirvana like I do now.

Other favourites: All Apologies, Come as You Are, About a Girl


3 Responses to “The Best of Nirvana”

  1. You made my day! I go green when I hear that someone had the opportunity of listening to Nirvana live but then as you said I sit back and wonder would I have actually appreciated them as much as I do had I been older? Thanks for the post was not kidding, it made my day!

  2. I wish i had learned to appreciate the band before, as much as i do now. I guess all I can really say is, Nrivana…legend!!!
    No other music touches me as much as theirs!

  3. I’m 15 years old and I adore Nirvana.
    I think that shows how great they are.

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