The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

It’s Californication (tier 2)

Excert from “Californication” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


It’s the edge of the world

And all of western civilization

The sun may rise in the East

At least it settles in the final location

Western civilization has been driven to the edge with everything it glorifies. All the sinful desires of the youth are fed by the self-righteous views of those who hold power over them. What is seen as “okay” today leaves the older generation to wonder ‘what is this world coming to?’ Words normally censored 5 years ago are now “okay” to say, same thing goes for what used to be filtered out on TV. Heck, even 50 yrs ago when TV was growing into the largest form of mass media, it kept things family friendly. Maybe the stuff gets old, but producers began to add to the family friendly shows. Soon enough seperating shows so they needed to be kept from everyone’s general view. This gave birth to the FCC. Responsible for segregating the mature shows from the kid’s. Yet, more and more family friendly shows involve rather crude comedy. I do not need to explain this, for all have seen what I mean. Another reason being that the youth are finding out about things quicker than would have been anticipated. They see that their older siblings or friends are getting involved with the “cool” stuff, and decide to join the bandwagon. They figure “everyone’s doing it, why not me?” The fine line difference of what is right and wrong is starting to gradually thin out, leaving us to wonder what’s next. We can’t even depend on our own families anymore. There are parents out there that would trade their own children’s future for a much more Luxurious life for themselves. Friends deceiving one another just to obtain a higher placement on the social totem pole. One of the few things we can still depend on is that the sun will rise from the east, and ‘settles in a final location’. But even that seems questionable. . .whether those faithful to what God will do know what is to come. Even if you don’t believe in the End Times, preached in the Bible, I guarantee you this: if my faith in Jesus is all in vain, then God will not end the sinful ways of the earth. . .rather, we ourselves shall be the makers of our very own tombs at the rate the world is plumeting down to damned, corrupt, immoral, pit of our own inequites. Other words: Hell on Earth, and I don’t mean the Biblical kind.

O’ how TV has changed its ways! What once was pure, wholesome entertaiment is now advised that viewer’s have descretion when watching a simple show! We used to be entertained by funny stuff! Now, all we care about is the life of some retarded famous person who are famous for absolutley no apparent reason. What I see as wrong is different from generation to generation. I grew up in the 90’s so most of my views and opinions were shaped during that glorious era.

Regular old TV commercial for “I Love Lucy”. Approximately 50 yrs. ago…

A scene from the hit 90’s sitcom “Saved by the Bell”. Approximately 10 or so yrs. ago…

A parody by MADtv on “The Hills”, dead on if you ask me. Approximatley almost 2yrs. ago…


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