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The End

Like I have said many a times before, this blog, The Unsung Hero, was purposed for me to express myself with no limitations. Including things such as: my favourite music, my beliefs, beliefs before becoming a believer of Chirst, criticism, giving props to those who deserve it, and other such things. I never meant to keep focused on the Bible in this blog. I would say certain things that are in the Bible, but not give the passage. I am not that good at memorizing Bible passages. So I would only quote stuff I know. Lately, I have been feeling somewhat compelled to do something more important with this blog. I’ve felt driven to write about the Bible, but the problem being that I am not familiar with varies book of the Bible. I would read and paraphrase it, but not make notes. I then decided to focus my attention about Biblical knowdlege I do know. Namely, Revelations. The whole End Times concept preached in the Bible is what laid the ground work for my faith. It is where I truely came to know Him. That may seem strange, but that’s just me. Other people prefer Psalms, Corrinthians, and Genesis to be their main go to books in the Bible. Mine are Revelations, Daniel, and Matthew. So I have decided to focus my attention on the End Times that the Bible talks about. I am not, however, going to change anything I do with this blog. Instead, I have started a new blog which focuses all its attention to that subject. I will try to update it at least once a week, as it will be hard for me to manage two blogs (I’ve been slacking off with this one. . .). I have found naming the new blog, The End, appropriate for what I’m going to be writing about on it. It is on the blogroll on the side or you can simply click the link HERE to take you the new blog I’ve started. To give peope a glimpse of what the whole End Times is about, here’s an example of what I believe is to come. I fully believe in that just such events will occure. Not exactly like the video implies, but pretty damn close. . .


One Response to “The End”

  1. Where in the New Testament does it speak of any seven year tribulation after a rapture? And, are the Rapture and 2nd Coming one event? Two? Lastly, where in the book of Revelation does it speak of a one world order? Thanks

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