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The Best of the 90’s +

The 90’s in my opinion was the best era there ever was. Why? I grew up during that time where everything was care free for me and I simply enjoyed life. Watching “Saved by the Bell” every week morning and eating at the best pizza parlor in town (unfortunatly, they decided to get with the times by making it a resturant…thanks for ruining one of childhood locales). Ahem, so getting back on subject, the best music came out during this time period. I do not mean just simply rock music, but every kind of music. From country to dance, from hip hop to rock, from pop to R&B…you can’t beat the 90’s. Today’s music has some good flowers poking up, but that’s a few flowers in a field of dandilions and weeds. Today’s music is all the same…90’s has yet to lose its touch after a decade. Here are the first songs that come to mind when I reminice about that glorious era…

The Cardigans are one of those bands that once was, but is no more. That happens a lot. “Lovefool” is that pop-rock type of song that keeps in your mind. Driving up to the mall with my parents with this on the radio always made me gaze outside the car window. After finding this song once again, I still appreciate the up-lifting feel of it. The song itself is fun to sing along to and I’ll be trying to learn to play a section of it on my bass when I finally get some real free time. I just love it so much.

This song is by Sixpence None the Richer. The grand song here is called “Kiss Me”. The reasoning I love these songs are beyond even me. I can’t quite explain as to why, but I am just so inticed by everything in this song. The guitar is just so awesome which has so much to offer if given a chance. It’s not so much the lyrics, but the general feel of these past two song’s that make it so great.

No Doubt is one of my favourite bands ever. So many glorious songs, but this really is their best. “Don’t Speak” is one of those songs that I remember listening to when the sun began to set. The casual sunday drive would always have this song playing along with sundown. I just love the song to death because of its beautiful vocals and the sync of the entire band…just to put it out there, Gwen’s solo bit hasn’t really proved all that successful in my opinion and was better off in No Doubt.

These next two are the only 90’s videos I actually remember seeing as I grew up. This is Soundgarden playing “Black Hole Sun”. In my opinion, it is one of the BEST rock songs ever to grace the earth. The video is kinda of wierd, with all the strange folk. But once you get past all of that, the video is just so immersive. The whole lighting effects make it one of the best videos out there despite its age. There is nothing you can change about this song to make it better. Just about perfect….almost

People always claim to have a favourite song of all time, but then 3 months down the road it’s some other song. “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve is not only the best 90’s song, but the best song there has ever been. It is beyond all other songs that I listen to. Above Kanye’s, Pearl Jam’s, and Boston’s songs rolled into one (molded together to something good, not a pile of mush…heh, mush). Not only is it the BEST song ever, but the BEST video ever made. A simple concept of a guy walking down a street, only they made it so compelling, profound, and resilliant that it just sticks in my mind to this date. I love this song to death for everything in it. The drums, the violins, guitar, vocals. The lyrics are some of the best of any song. I can relate to it so much and find myself singing it everytime I hear it. I loved it as a child and I’ll still love it 30 yrs. from now.


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