The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

That One Regret You’ll Never Forget…

Being an only child has so many benefits that I can’t imagine every possibility. Naturally, you’d get spoiled like crazy; more freedom; more independence; no sharing; and so much more. I o’ so wish I were an only child…such a statement made by the naive…because they have yet to mature enough to see the priceless value in having a brother or sister. An older sibling to look up to (and not just literally). Just like a duck, they do their thing and you follow like a duckling. Mimicking every move. Some will stray from following, but that is not to say that is bad. Many older siblings fail in their duty to act a role model for their younger bro or sis. Doing drugs, getting in fights, and treating girls like things are what the older model for the younger. It is the younger’s decision to either follow or make their own path. Each road is gonna have its own joys and thrills, but how long it’ll truely lasts can be short lived for both the righteous and grievious road if they have yet to make a decision in where to put their trust in.

Being an older brother has been a pain. My sister, Yesenia, has so many flaws in her character that it completely goes against my own principles. She throws away food (there’s starving people out there!), she has the worst temper (c’mon! live a little!), and bad mouthing (thankfully, she has enough in her to not swear…). These are but a few of the character flaws I find in her that just drive me to the deep end. Instead of yelling at her, I initiate the oldest cliche…I simply annoy her like the unwritten family law orders. That is not to say that I do not love my dear sister. Even though she has so much in her that lights my fuse, I have been trying o’ so hard to care for her rather than bother her. She’s my sister and I see it as my responsiblity to try to do the best for her. Just cuz I don’t like her much doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I can’t imagine what I would do if she wasn’t around. Heck, if she’s gone out of the house I’m bored out of my mind! I can’t really explain the love I hold for my sister. It’s this feeling inside that I myself can’t quite understand. I’m pretty sure it’s the Holy Spirit working through me. I pray to God that she comes to know Him soon so that no matter what happens, I’ll be seeing her again in Heaven. I don’t want her to be subjected to the ways of the world. Mainstream media has already done some damage on her that even she has yet to see. She’s actually happy about some of its effects, thankfully not anything drastic or too harming in the long run. She still has such a young, innocent mind and heart. She still apreciates the childly type stuff, but in a manner that reflects perfectly to age. I praise Lord Jesus that she isn’t like the other girls out there that are practically like harlots. I remember in middle school there was this girl that was pregnant…My sister has yet to do such a foolish, perverse transgression…”yet” cuz I don’t know what the future holds. I pray that the few years I have left of my youth can be used to bring my sister close to God. She doesn’t comprehend the total aspects of what Jesus did for us, so I need to find new tactics. Get her an understandable Bible (few can actually understand King James Version, do u know what “divers days” means? if you don’t then consider a diff. version). Get her to feel accepted at our youth group. I just want what’s best for my sister. I don’t want to feel unsurmountable morose for a regret. I know I would never forget. I would never forgive myself if the worst were to happen with her still being an undecided…..

My sister’s birthday is May 5 so in dedication for her, I decided to publish a poem of her’s. I guess writing’s been a favourable hobby of ours. I like to write about my beliefs of this world and she writes teenage romance. I wish I could write a poem cuz they offer something different than an essay. Expressing your mind with but a few words is something I cannot do. My sister is pretty good at it. Hope you enjoy this little poem of her’s, cuz I sure love it.

  *Life is too short to wake up in

 the morning with regrets so love

the people who treat your right,

and forget about the ones who

don’t, and believe that everything

happens for a reason. If you get

a chance; take it. If it changes

your life let it. Nobody said it would be easy. They just promised

it would be worth it.

*When you run from something, it

only stays stronger. If you fight

something, it only makes you stronger.

*Sometimes lettin ggo is hard but

its better than holding on to

something that isn’t there!

*YOU won’t forget me! That’s a promise!

*Don’t worry about the people

in your past there is a reason

they didn’t make it to your future.

*YOU will be the answer when

someone asks me what I’m

over the past!

*Find a guy that calls you beautiful,

instead of hot, who calls you back

whenyou hang up on him. Wait for

the boy who kisses your forehead. Who

wants to show you off to the world

when your looking bad that day.

Who holds your hand in front of

His friends. Who thinks you are just

AS pretty without makeup on. One

Who is constantly reminding you of

How much he cares, and loves

Being with you, and how he’s the

Luckiest guy in the world to have

You. The one who turns to his

Friends and says, “that’s her”

*You should’ve opened your eyes and seen

that I was crazy about you…

*When you start to miss me…remember you

let me go.

*And after all this, I’m so confused. I’m

not sure how I feel about you. I still

don’t know how you ever felt about me

I don’t know how if you ever cried over me

Like I cried over you. The only thing I’m certain

Of is I will never find another like you!*


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