The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

If he really knew how I feel bout him…

hi some of you know me as roberto’s little sister but my name is yesenia lopez. well its not easy to live up to my brother’s name at school because at our old elementary school i had almost the same teachers as him and he was always a good boy and was quiet. also he get A’s and B’s. on the other hand me not so much i had to try to be like my brother and my teachers would tell me that roberto this and oh i remember your brother and things like that! if i would get in trouble they be like your not like your brother. and im not because when i was little i had a a lot of friends and he didnt but now he does so do i still. Then in art class i hated art class because by bro if you have noticed he is an artist and me well…not so much i hate it! but oh well i can at least write poems and he can but not like me soo haha! then came project times at school and my bro always turns in his projects late not me but i dont really make an effort in it. if my teacher tells me how to do it i do it that way but my brother he gets creative with it! me nd my brother have different likes about eachother like hes always late for things and im not, he never wakes up in the morning and i do, he doesnt have a bad temper like me, i love to laugh more than him but if someone laughs at ME then thats when i get MAD! my parents are so proud of him because he gets good grades and i dont really also i think the biggest thing would have to be is that he LOVES church! and so do i but not as much as him and my parents do thats what most parents want for their kids that they love to go to church. sometimes i feel like my parents mainly my mom loves my brother more than me or that she just loves him and not me at all because of that. my brother is REALLY connected to my mom and me with my dad and my mom saids “you dont love me as much as you love your dad!” its not that i dont love her its just that i feel more connected to my dad than mom. my friends call me a daddy’s little girl” and i love to be one! its not that i dont love my brother its just that i wish i could be more like him that hes really into learning about GOD and im not really into it as much as him.  my brother means a lot to me but sometimes i feel like he doesnt love me by the way he treats me. me and him have a lot in common also that my friends say that me and him look A LOT alike but i think im better looking than him haha! nah we both are! all i really want to say is that i love my brother and he doesnt know this but when he finds out im writing this hes gonna flip out! sometimes at night i start to cry thinking about if he really does care for me as he did when we were little kids and when i go to my room i just fall on my bed or sometimes go to my closet and listen to music and cry there because i dont know if my brother would understand me at all hes usally doing something for the church. i also wish that i wasnt born that my brother wont be my brother that he would have someone else and not me because how i act with him my mom says that me and him dont even look like brother and sister! what i hate about him is that hes tall and im short! but all i want for my brother is that he someday will find that special girl that desevers him because he has suffered way to much in this life and i just want the best for him. even though i might not like that girl but if she makes him happy then im also happy for him! as my brother had said we love to write and i wrote this poem for him and i hope he likes it also you people who are reading it…

today is a day to share

to love

to believe in things you didnt before

to change for the good and not for the bad

to show how much you care even though you dont show it to

them in their face and presents

hears a little story about someone very special to me

Theirs this boy i know and everyone loves him

hes the best son you could have or brother also

hes the best thing that has happened to me in this life

even though i might hate his guts at times i still love him to death

he cares for people and thinks for anyone before himself

he will do anything he can just to see me smile

all of his friends are really nice to me and him

he loves the lord and got baptised also

hes name would be Roberto Emmanuel Lopez Sajche

and i love him forever

even though i dont show it all the time!

love your sister yesenia fabiola lopez sajche

aka nerd,



bubble gum.






but your only

teddy bear!

i love you big brother!!



2 Responses to “If he really knew how I feel bout him…”

  1. I think its awesome that you heisted your brothers blog. Your brother is awesome and so are you. He didnt just all of the sudden fall in love with God and church, it was something that developed over time. I hope to hear more from you in the future YOcina. Roberto- be nice to your sister or I’m gonna lay your karate butt out.

  2. The people want more Yesinia! Roberto give her a page on your blog or set one up for her.

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