The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

Reclaiming the Helm

This blog of mine reminds of a small ship. Not a big battleship that recieves thousands of views a day, but a quent wooden vessel that manages its own. I take it in the direction I choose to and go where I want to. I can cover whatever I want on this blog and not have to worry about attacks from the land. People don’t like what I write, then that’s their problem not mine. The only people that can assault my ship are others in the ocean. Those who read what I write can support me or criticize me by commenting. The blows depend on how seriously I myself take them. Other ships can assault me by writing about what I wrote. So basically, I consider myself a small ship that has attracted enough attention to gain a fairly good amount of viewers a day. I have been getting a large spike of views these past few weeks, which has caused me to worry less about writing something new. So in other words, I have just let my ship be carried wherever the wind and tides take it. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion. There is really no point in grasping the helm when the trip is going just fine without you directing it. Just letting things take their course is good. Checking in on the progress is always needed, can’t let it go unattended. The problem that arouses is that you have got to go back to managing the ship again. Views have been diminishing so I must get back to writing on this blog of mine (especially my other one). So I must now reclaim the helm that was being watched by God and get back into the swing of things (thanks for the sudden spike of views, only You could have done that Christ). I feel that He wants me to reclaim control over my small ship. I have some destinations I want to take this floating vessel of mine to, so I aim to get there soon. But right now, I haven’t much to write about. So please be patient as I get this small ship back on track.


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