The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

It’s Californication (tier 3)

Hollywood. The center of Californication. Where the home of pop culture has taken root. It’s where all the stars go to receive the glory and praise of their adoring public. It is the epicenter of what has rocked this nation to what it has become today. There is no denying that Hollywood is what sells Californication to the whole world. We buy it by seeing their movies, TV shows, live appearances, concerts, magazines, and music. We don’t even need to commercially buy it. The stars are perfectly happy if they are the ones being praised, but that isn’t to say they don’t want some compensation for what they have influenced. Hollywood is what has brought us our childhood heroes to the silver screen. It has given us our O’ so critically acclaimed artists. Ranging from explicit hip/hop MC’s such as 50 cent and T.I. , to the pop scene of Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. From the ever loved rock bands of My Chemical Romance and Green Day to the big country stars of Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw. Hollywood seems to always have what we’re looking for. Be it the guidelines for acceptance or something to please our desires. Sure there are other centers of media, but none can reach the caliber of influence Hollywood has. It’s where Californication has its roots. It wasn’t necessarily tainted like today, but then again. . .aren’t people the same way? It has grown from an infant; experimenting with what it can do. Now, it is a towering titan has almost full control over the masses with its rotten, bitter “morals”.  Reaching out and corrupting the feeble-minded, easily persuading them to adopt their rules and regulations. When you compare the influence of an actual christian church to Californication, it is like comparing a fire to a light- house. The light of the light house expands for miles of a distance, available for sailors to find repose. But a simple fire on the shore is seen by few at a distance, many times hard to see because of it being concealed by the shrubbery. Only being revealed to those that choose not to expound His illumination so they can keep the harvest for themselves and selfishly reap the crops which should not be kept secret; but available to the meek, the poor, the self-righteous, the neglected, the rich, so that they can stop chasing after manufactured lights, and look hopefully and in awe of The Bright Morning Star. Because neon signs, luminescent bulbs, street lights, and even our own sun, will eventually burn out and be of no longer use. But the Bright Morning Star shall never burn out nor forsake, always knowing He will provide light and warmth. . .something the world can never offer. . .


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