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Screw Censorship, Praise Censorship

Censorship has been around for quite a while now. From the ESRB rating system to the FCC to the communist dictators, many limit what we are allowed to view with our eyes. For a while now, I have been very one sided with the whole censorship issue in the USA. As any teenager, I wonder as to why this and this must be censored out. I hate it when a word gets bleeped out when we already know what they’re gonna say. There are only two words that ever get bleeped out in a song or TV show and the whole concept of bleeping it out is even more useless when the first syllable is heard. I see how society doesn’t want the younger generation to know all the wrongs of this world so quickly, but if your gonna censor something out, at least do it better. What really gets me with bleeping out words is the format it is bleeped. I have heard bleeps range from a simple *beep*, a sudden loss in audio, a useless *bleep* with a black strip across the mouth, and a variety of farm animal sounds. I’ll continue to rant on about this later on, but I’ll simply leave my view on if banning the following videos was really a good idea.

This commercial was meant as an Xbox commercial, but was banned due to the “hand guns”. First off, does anyone get mortally injured from getting shot by imaginary bullets that are triggered by shouting ‘bang’?  It’s easy to see that people were all doing this on a voluntary level. They weren’t forcefully being brought to the ground like a real bullet would. The one guy at the end realized that he was to fall over when the “gunner” looked at him expectantly. Things like this are not going to influence the youth to go out and buy real guns. That’s just plain nonsence. The most it’ll persuade is the buying of more Xbox 360’s or people shooting each other with imaginary bullets. This would have made a stellar commercial on the TV, but it just had to be censored for arbituary reasons. Stuff like this make me want to say “Screw Censorship”.

Here is a cartoon meant for children that was never aired due to the content. It shows the Devil showing a group of children how the human race deserves nothing but death, and how we are a useless lot of puppets. Watching it causes an eriee effect that would no doubt scare children if they were to watch it. It has a lot of theology Satan himself believes in which makes it something meant only for adult audiences, if that. A cartoon with the devil being showcased as anything but a comical figure is pretty much not appropiate for kids. The way the Devil was portrayed would no doubt frighten a child, with the appereance and especially the voice. If this was aired, I guarantee the church would roit over this contaminating the minds of the youth. An action that any parent, religious or not, would support. I think I speak for the majority of the population when I say that, thankfully, this was never aired on television for the sake of providing entertainment for children. Cases like this make me say “Praise Censorship”. 


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