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Californication (tier 4)

Pay your surgeon very well

To break the spell of aging


Make-up has been around for what seems like forever. Its purpose for the young is to look more mature or attractive. Its purpose for the old is to look younger and appealing. But now both the young and old are looking for more extreme ways to obtain that “perfect look”. Obsession for looking “hot” has brought us to tamper with the way God has made us. We no longer look our own person, but like someone else. Plastic surgeons offer the cure for the “hideous” faces of average citizens. For what price? In exchange for some thousand dollars is all. Results? Gaining the long pursued look of perfection, and having tainted the appearance God sent you to this world with. Surgery now seems like a salvation to those who see themselves as “hideous”. It gives them that idea that they have found the way to ‘break the spell of aging’. The saying “you’re perfect in God’s eyes” holds less and less influence and consolation to the ever evolving morals of the new generation.

In all reality it’s completely impossible to look like the models, actors, and artists on the magazine covers. It is true that hours upon hours are spent to manually inhance the image of the cover model, but what isn’t revealed are the technical or virtual enhances that add that “perfect touch”.  It must be realized that the photos taken of the cover models must be put on a computer to get the magazine out to the masses. All it takes to produce a “perfect” face is the usage of an application called PhotoShop. This little marvel allows the user to manipulate any photo, any way they see fit. The computer techies of the magazines use this application to create the “perfect” face that is plainly impossible to achieve due to the fact that a computer did it. In fact, 99% of magazine cover faces recieve the “perfect touch” to reduce blemishes, body fat, wrinkles, unsightly marks…

This video goes much more in depth in how the modeling business uses PhotoShop to create an unatainable body that cannot be replicated anywhere else, other than the virtual world.



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