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The Best of Pink Floyd

If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding! –Another Brick in the Wall (Pt.2)

Pink Floyd surfaced about during the psychedelic 60’s. Although starting in the hippie scene they quickly began to mature in their music style. Such a style of rock that has caused the name Pink Floyd to become known unto every generation to date. Only a few bands have been able to stay in the minds of generations; such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Nirvana. The overall intoxicating sound of this killer band makes it one of my most favourite bands of all time.

dark side of the moon

Seen this icon before?

Pink Floyd developed a sound of rock that goes beyond the genre. Rock is defined by guitar shedding, screaming vocalists, and giant most pits. Such a song as this is the complete opposite! Using instruments other than the basic guitars and drums is unheard of by the general public! “Us and Them” is the perfect example of the uniqueness Pink Floyd has brought to the table.

The usage of sounds in a song isn’t seen very often today. Mostly due to the fact that many artist fail to pair up instruments and noises in an attractable format. The noises I am referring to are most anything. A cash register, water drops, and ticking clocks for example. Using it to the fullest extent is determined by how well it is melted with the song. “Time” does just that with clocks in the intro quickly developing into esquesite melody of this rock masterpiece.

In all honesty, this is barely even considered rock in my mind. The absence of a 6-string guitar rocking out at full blast alongside of a killer vocalist isn’t rock in most minds. Instead of the played out rock song, this is completely different…a female soul singer who seems to be pouring out her soul into this truely beautiful symphony called “Great Gig in the Sky”. The changing this song to seem more “rock” would be an injustice to Pink Floyd and music all together. This song doesn’t need lyrics…the power of this song allows you to interpret anyway you want.

The epidemy of Pink Floyd is this very song called “One Slip”. Undoubtfully, this is my favourite for my own reasons. The intro screams climatic build-up. Every part of this song is raveled together to bring out one of my favourite rock songs ever. The bass, guitar, drums, vocals, and electronics is a marvel of perfection…the lyrics illustrate what can be related to any person. Not much else to be said about perfection.


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