The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

It’s Californication (tier 5)

We are always looking at what new ‘scandal’ our favorite celebrities have committed. Sure there are some celebrities that seem like a good influence, but Californication is always lookin’ for a new way to spice things up a bit. The moment word gets out of what ‘so and so’ supposively did, the fans go ballistic and the press eats it up. The press always exaggerates the truth, so we aren’t sure of the facts. They hold that much over us. Being able to manipulate the facts and turn them into fallacy. This can ruin the celebrity, or gives them a new image. How many supposive ‘nude pictures’ have been released to the public. How many times have we heard about that star that had way too much partying that night. That vulgar action that they committed, or that controversial video that was released. It at times seems like the celebrities will do this on purpose, just to stay in the spotlight a little bit longer. The way the press takes it and molds it like clay…it’s almost like our morals and beliefs of ourselves’, as well as the world’s, are barraged with blitzkrieg tactics that are relentless to cease. Thinking we got someone to look up to, only to find they aren’t who they portray themselves as, but as everything that we are against.


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