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The Gig’s Finally Over, Isn’t It?

Here it is. The final day of my summer vacation. . .dammit.

Today marks the unofficial last day of summer vacation. Why you ask? Perhaps because of the area I take residence in has an overglorified festival that dictates that today, henceforth shall be the official day of the end of summer. Maybe some new found discovery with determining exactly when the solstice begins. Or it could be that voice in my head (the one that tells me to go out n kill people). Telling me that my summer vacation end’s today. Verily, verily let it be said that none of these reasons would make an ounce of sense if they were true (that last one would put me in an asylum if it were true). Putting it simple. Tomorrow is when school starts around here. The new school year. The yearly systematic time line that mandates the lives of the youth and a good percentage of the adult populus. Sigh . . . so all in all, my final year of a care free lifestyle is laid to rest, cuz I’m now a Senior n da cruel, cold world known as reality is making its way to my door step.

I didn’t get a chance to do this before so I might as well do it now rather than wait another 9 months. The summer was less than satisfying, but still had its perks. I really wish I could go back through it and change my attitude at certain points. Anyway, 3 things always brought a smile ot my face. These songs continued to light me up and get me going. They gave me excitement, entertainment, and nostalgia.

Every time I hear this precious beauty I get overcome with anticipation for the summer to arrive.

The Boys are Back in Town ~ Thin Lizzy

This next song is a more hip hop, dance party type of a song. I can’t find the right video so I’m not gonna bother searching for it. It is suggestive but then again how many songs aren’t now-a-days? All around enjoyable if you can still find amusement in this type of song.

Turn Me On ~ Kevin Lyttle


This last one took the radio charts by storm last year. Claiming the top spot everywhere. Nostalgia gets me here. I always think about the missions trip in New York City. The city itself is enough to make me shake in joy. The experience I had there is one I shall not forget soon. Just a note, this song has over 35 million views on YouTube. That’s a good bit if you ask me.

Hey There Delilah ~ Plain White T’s


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