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OMG! I Finally Gold Star’d Creep by Radiohead!!! 0_o

In recent gamer news, the new rythm game known as Rock Band is going to (if it hasn’t already) hit the market shelves in a matter of days. Harmonix is releasing the next game in the series called Rock Band 2 (keepin it simple i see). The entire concept of the game is to make it seem like you’re actually part of a real live rock band group that will tour around the world. From the spanish cathedral’s of Madrid to the massive city of Shaing Hai, the game aims to make it as genuine as possible. The instruments used in said game include a plastic guitar that is usable for both bass/lead guitar, a microphone, and a drum set that includes a bass pedal. New features have been added on to the game that will allow players to form bands and compete with rivals across the world via the internet. Bands will compete to gain popularity on the leader boards making the band experience much more realistic. With the new Guitar Hero: World Tour coming out in November, also including a mic and a different drum set compatible only for GH:WT, Rock Band will be recieving competition from a highly popular game. Guitar Hero will be bringing something new to the table by granting the players to customize and create their own music through the game (vocals exempt for copyright issues).  It’s hard to imagine we’ve come from Dance Dance Revolution to a full on rock group experience that’s become quite the sensation. When Guitar Hero came out, few knew of what it was and when they heard of it they tossed it off as a retarded idea. That was but a few years ago. Know everyone is familiar with the names, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. What the future holds for these games, only God knows. But at the very least, I know that I’m am finally content with my real plastic guitar and gonna be rocking it out until I gold star every song in the set list.

Something I’ve heard and read a lot about is how retarded people are on the inter-webs. Whenever someone posts a video of themselves FC ing a killer song on Guitar Hero, there’s always people who comment “learn to play real guitar!” or “Do you even have a life”. The fact of the matter is it is just a game. Many people don’t know that the biggest players like HellAshes, WitWix, IamChris4Life, sArmst0ng or Priest are just normal people. They carry on about their daily lives and do normal people stuff. Some of them still go to school and are even married. They play the game cuz they love having fun. A couple of them actually already play real guitar. Since when has it been a crime to have fun? These guys are EXTREMELY good at teh game, so they naturally want to get more out of it. Just like a football player who’s already in the NFL. The NFL guy is gonna be putting in more of an effort to do his best while competing with varies different teams. Same with the expert players. The website, ScoreHero, was made to make this possible. Where GH and Rock Band players are able to post their scores and see who marks the best. They all strive to rank high. People who say that “it’s just some retarded game where people compete for no reason”. Well, I think the exact same thing for Major League Baseball. “MLB is just some retarded game where people compete for no reason”. I can say this cuz I really don’t care for baseball…just like people who make fun of GH/Rock Band cuz they don’t care for it. It’s what your interested in which makes you love it or hate it. I’m not that great on expert guitar, but that doesn’t bother me much. I just have fun with teh game. I strive to be better at it which makes the game all the more entertaining. A game where anyone can be #1 isn’t worth playing for long (both video game and sports). I just wanna make colored circles/rectangles disappear cuz I strummed it on my real plastic guitar (GH: On Tour doesn’t count though, that’s just fake plastic guitar, lawls). Oh, and one more side not. Just because your pretty good on Rock Band doesn’t mean your entirely qualified for starting your own actual rock group. Especially if your covering a Dragon Force song. That’s just plain stupid. . .and hiilarious if you actually do attempt it.

(i included nor mentioned Rock Revolution cuz absolutely no one is gonna buy that game other than teh 10 parents that are gonna take the cheap way out n buy their teenage kid that game intead of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. That game is just gonna suck. Without a doubt.)


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