The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


America. . . the most diverse land in all the world. You got races from every nook n’ cranny of the world residing in this nation. You got your Brits, your Indians, your Mexicans, your Japanese, your German, your Haitian, your Egyptians, your Brazilians, your French, your Aussies. . .the list goes on and on and on. Such diversity is what makes America = America. “My country tis’ a thee, sweet land of liberty”. This country I love beyond any other in the world. The sole reason being that I can be among the Chinese and quite literally cross the street and see Italians socializing. Only in New York City. The most diverse city in this nation. You can lean against a wall in Times Square and it’s guarenteed that your gonna see someone from every race in less than 5 minues. Truely amazing. I, for one, love that. I like variety in my life. The same old just doesn’t do it for me. I would absolutely enjoy to meet someone from Japan or the UK. They’re different people that represent an entirely different culture. They have also brought so much to this country that has been adopted into everyday life. Pizza, rice, corn, sushi, fries, tea. So much that originally came elsewhere and is now representive of the American life. Something that I’ve been told is that I ain’t got much of a spanish nor english accent. I sometimes mess up words, but that’s just cuz I go too fast. Same goes for spanish. I vocabulary in english is a little more than the average person, but I  usually don’t say it much. I just think it. The entire accent deal is funny and just gives this nation an extra spice to it. You can be talking to someone from India who has an accent but at the same time realize that this guy’s part of an entirely different culture. I don’t know. I just wanted to talk a little about this making it seem quite sloppy and informal. yeah. . .



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