The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


My efforts to start and maintain a seperate blog about the End Times was a Fail. Not an Epic Fail, just a fail. I was dumb enough to think ” i barely manage to write on my main blog twice a week. why not start a new blog making it even MORE impossible to do so!” yeah…

So I will be terminating the seperate blog known as ‘The End’ leave it at that. Rather than chronologically going through the events of the Tribulation Period, I’m simply going to write up various planned posts and put them in whatever order I finish them as. So there could very well be one post next month on the Glorious Appearing and a week later something dealing with the Antichrist being resurrected. I might just make a page that has the entire Tribulation Period related posts in chronological order. Whatever. I just wasn’t able to summerize one planned post into a few paragraphs when it touched on 17 different components (yes, Californication if your wondering). So yeah. The new blog was a Fail, but life carries on.


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