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Celebrity Skin

The quote, “the sky’s the limit” is the type of quote that can prove applicable to many situations. Reaching for the American Dream, poetry and space exploration to name a few. With the sheer will of man, anything seems possible in this day and age. Yet there are some mountain tops that are simply impossible to clamber. What the human body can achieve, for instance, is quite simply limited. The physical anatomy of the human being prevents people from attaining the “perfect” body that so many crave. But with the usage of an application known as Photoshop, this dilemma can easily be avoided.

A representative from Diet interviewed Tim Lynch, a photographer/retoucher that’s been in the magazine business ever since the introduction of digital photography. He’s said that over 5 years ago, hiring people to alter photos was rare due to the cost. But now, it has almost become expected and necessary to utilize Photoshop in every picture. In order to efficiently advertise their magazines, they need captivating images that are next to flawless. Mere make-up, lighting, exercise, and dieting has proven itself as less than satisfactory which has led most magazines to digitally enhance their photos. What they alter includes, but is not limited to: deleting blemishes, sunspots, acne, scars, wrinkles, other unsightly marks, changing the size of waistline, eyes, bust, altering body fat and skin, altering hair, clothes, and skin color. So many effects that are all used to market their content. Tim Lynch also commented on how many of the Hollywood types have their own personal retoucher that is responsible for enhancing released photographs. In fact, the celebrity will not permit that any of their altered photos be released without their consent.

The controversy on using Photoshop is whether or not the publishers are deceiving their audiences. The sole reason being that many people do not realize that the face on the cover of a magazine has undergone some sort of digital enhancement. Magazine publishers have even commented that it is presumed that their audience recognize the photos as having been digitally altered in some way or another. Many argue that this has lead teenage girls to pursue the unattainable of goal of perfection. They follow all the healthy steps such as diet and exercise, but are unable to look exactly like the girls on the magazine covers. It has even lead teenage girls to develop eating disorders and self-esteem issues. The fact of the matter is what impact this is having on the youth. Has this challenged teenagers to attain the unattainable? Though this has contributed to emotional/physical imbalance among some teens, it is not the only factor. What the rest of the media portrays as “perfect” sways many to follow suit. Using Photoshop has dramatically changed the magazine industry. Even though many disagree with altering photos, the general consensus of utilizing it has proven very positive. People simply love creating “perfection” even if it’s not realistic.


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