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Total Dramatic Cartoon

As of recently, I’ve been thinking much more critically of varies, random things. Something I’ve just noticed and even heard commented on one of my favourite podcasts is the depth of a cartoon’s comedy basis. What you can expect from an adult oriented comedy film now a days are the usual sexual innuendos, comical violence and even a few sterotypical racial jokes. But something I’ve thought been seeing is how today’s cartoons are more and more being directed towards a teenager/adult audience. To note the obvious, Family Guy and the Simpsons are meant to be directed to a core audience, being older teens and adults in their 20’s and even 30’s. That’s something that’s nothing new to the public. But I’ve been recently watching a few cartoons, more so for nostalgia purposes, that are more oriented towards children and young teens. One thing I’ve noticed is how it keeps up with the times. More shows are allowing for language that was once used mainly by teenagers. This one show called, “Ying Yang Yo”, is a prime example. Early on in its first early episodes it began to use the word, “sucks”. An example in how it is implemented is “That sucks!”. It even has the one character that usually uses the word most often, very much stress the word “sucks”. Now that isn’t too much of a problem. True, it is being more and more rapidly used by the young’uns at an earlier age. I hear kids say “that sucks!” and “oh crap!” when their as young as 9 years. Just to make note, those who know me should know that it is not only limited to only where I work. I’ve heard it being used just as many times by the christian kids as the normal kids, not limited to just where I work. Anyway, I have not a problem with those words being used in cartoons for kids. They’ve melted enough into pop culture that kids are using them now at earlier ages. All right, fine with me. But with this one cartoon named, “Total Drama Island”, it makes me question has to how far they’re going with this. Here’s one episode of it that makes me wonder, I advise you watch all 3 parts of the episode.

“Total Drama Island” Episode 25, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

All right, I would imagine a small percentage of people actually saw these videos so I’ll simply note what bothers me about this. First off, the entire cartoon show seems to be directed toward a teenage audience, not so much kids. The thing about it is that it’s on Cartoon Network, a tv channel full of cartoons for kids and young teens. That means that kids are also gonna watch this and see what seems to be directed toward a different audience. What makes this evident is how it really simulates a MTV type of reality show where it depicts the many scenes of drama but puts in the toony kind of comedy. So when I first watched this stuff, I thought “huh, this is actually pretty funny”. Verily, it is. It does a great job of mixing a reality show with a cartoon, perhaps Too good of a job. This brings in the second point, the pop culture. The show consists of a bunch of teenagers who are on an island competing to win a large sum of money. The characters actually make a good representation of the american culture. They have a gothic girl, an egoestic straight-A student, the nerd, the dumb blonde, a ghetto black girl, the good-looking guitar guy and many more that are greatly represented in their personaltiy. That’s all cool, but they seem to go a little far when the reality aspect is put into place. In one scene in the cartoon show, they show the dumb blonde making out with one of the other guys. . .she was literaly one top of him. They even panned onto the scene when it happened in a strange way. Yeah and the language is quite surprising. In the first part of this episode, the one character called Heather is perfectly heard saying the word “skanky” at 7 minutes mark. That just shouldn’t be used if you ask me. Using the word “skanky” on a show where kids at the age of 10 or 12 are watching? Not a good call in my opinion. Another gripe I have about the show is how gross it can get at times. Right at the 2 minute maker of the second part of this episode they show jelly being dumped into the fat guy’s naval and they expect the one girl to suck it out and eat it. . .that is just disgusting. If that weren’t the only thing, they even show the characters throwing up on this episode and you can actually see it. Starting at about the 6:40 second marker of part 2 they show almost every character barfing in great detail. Wow. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this show, I actually find it entertaining to watch. In the third part of the episode they actually show a meme refference. What a meme is just basically a funny video or phrase and it’s periodically cuz it’s just that hilarious. At the 1:05 second maker, it makes a reference to the meme, “Dramatic Gopher”. OMG ROFL. It’s just Epic when the inter-webs is just that popular and well-known that a parody can be made of it in a cartoon. Anyways, cartoons like these make me wonder where this is going to take the future of cartoon shows meant for the younger audience. Some of it is cool while the rest can just be done without, you know? Questionable.


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