The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

Back to Good

Just a one act play I had to do for school. I personally love it so I figure why not put it on here?



Tsukune Most average looking guy for a human. The only human being to have visited the planets of Tuesapa, Rapshine, and Havenatat. Around 5 ½ feet tall and athletically fit.


U-Mos The entity form of X-07, a creation of the extremely high-tech robotic race known as the X-Series. In his entity form, he is part of the Luminoth race, a highly technologically advanced race of moth-like beings that come from a distant planet known as Aether. He has a humanoid body structure with a small head that does not show evidence of a physical mouth, a bulky furry chest, long slender arms and legs, holds the ability to levitate and speak telepathically among other abilities. Oddly shorter than the rest of his species which usually stand over 10 feet tall. U-Mos is about 7 feet in height and the descendent of a great Luminoth leader who apparently also went by the same name.



Upon having fled from the metropolis of Windala, Tsukune is taking refuge in a small island off the coast of Skyland. The island overlooks a nearby island city named Ce Sun City that is about a mile away to the East. Tsukune is on the highest peak of the island pondering about his future. The setting suns, though beautiful, is not of much comfort to Tsukune at this point of his life. He’s simply gazing at the changing color of the clouds. From the unique pastel colors of peach and coral near the sun to the gradual violet to navy blue hues that usher in the brisk, cool night that slowly begins to tower over Ce Sun City. As Tsukune sits on a nearby rock he hears the rustle of leaves but doesn’t bother looking away from the suns. He hears a voice speaking in a language that sounds like gibberish to him but soon realizes who is amongst the bushes. His comrade and friend, U-Mos, makes an appearance by greeting Tsukune with a salute that consists simply of placing his right hand over his chest and bowing (traditional Luminoth greeting). U-Mos hovers behind where Tsukune is sitting and looks along with him as the suns set. After the two suns begin to hide themselves behind the ocean horizon, Tsukune finally decides to break the silence knowing full well U-Mos won’t be starting a conversation himself.





Tsukune: (Wearily) Is this really the end?


U-Mos: ( Somewhat puzzled) The end? I presume you are referring to the Biblical end?


Tsukune: Nah. I’m talking ‘bout something else.


U-Mos: (Turns to Tsukune with sudden intrigue) A theory on the end of civilization? Quite frankly, I’m disappointed that you would toss your critically acclaimed beliefs asunder as a result of what happened-


Tsukune: (Attempting to interject) No no-


U-Mos: (Purposely ignoring) -But a few cycles ago. You were not affected in the manner-


Tsukune: Hey! I talkin’ to-


U-Mos: -The rest of us were inflicted. We run the risk of death now and (Stops with a hinting smile in his eyes after Tsukune begins to stand with annoyance.) I was merely providing a joke. That is what you call it, correct?

Tsukune: (sighs and sarcastically exclaims) Har har ya happy now? Anyways, before I was cut off. . .(Takes a moment to re-gather his thoughts) Right, I don’t mean a

cataclysmic type of an end. I’m referring to the end of being useful kind of an end.


U-Mos being fully aware of what Tsukune is referring to acts the ignorant in an attempt to pry what exactly is troubling his old friend.


U-Mos: How so?


Tsukune: Do you really not know? Just look at me! What am I missing that I didn’t have before?


U-Mos: Resources.


Tsukune: (Peers at him with objectivity) Really? Is that the answer you’re going with?


U-Mos: Yes, but reflect on that. The communications and power grid is still down which is hindering what most everyone on Tuespapa and Rapshine can do. No one can purchase main commercial goods, contact friends wirelessly, take mass public transportation, or even turn on a light. The fact that you cannot contact trusted allies must obviously be troubling you.


Tsukune: (Letting out a sigh) No. No. No. You know more than anyone else that by being there at your, your. . .“reunion”, if you will, that I lost everything that gave me the opportunity to make a difference in this world.


U-Mos: Namely?


Tsukune: (Furiously) My technology! That’s been the only thing that gave me the ability to save lives! (Runs his hands through his hair and begins to calm down) Look. Do I have the gravity boots? (Points to his feet) No. I don’t think so and we both know that’s what gave me my edge. Without it, I can’t do anything worthwhile cuz I’d just be a sitting duck to my enemies.


U-Mos: Then why not buy some new ones?


Tsukune: (Looks at him with discontent) Now your just acting like the fool here, ain’t ya?


U-Mos: (Shrugs) I am simply attempting to have you consider every possibility as to why you believe you have surpassed your time of function.


Tsukune: Function? Really, is that what your going with?


U-Mos: Tell me, Tsukune. Exactly what was your reason for arriving to Tuesapa in the first place?

Tsukune: Well, first off, I didn’t come here on purpose.


U-Mos: Yes, but what primary function did you serve during that time period.


Tsukune: Hmm (His eyes suddenly brighten up) Oh! My original plan was to explore the new lands I came face to face with!


U-Mos: And how has that changed throughout the years?


Tsukune: I started out as an explorer to criminal, from criminal to multibillionaire, multibillionaire to hero, and hero to being stripped of everything that made me that hero.


U-Mos: Interesting. And just because you were stripped of the Gravity Boots you believe you can no longer serve society? Verily I say that is poor reasoning behind your thoughts of no longer serving a purpose. I fact-


Tsukune: (cuts him off) Hold on a sec’. That’s not the only reason. You’re apparently not aware of the fact that I’ve lost much more than that.


U-Mos: What I am aware of is that you have lost your Gravity Boots and contact with our mutual friends for “x” amount of time. That variable could prove to be days or even years. That is something that is greatly upsetting you, I can tell. You favor knowing the facts to every single detail. This is no doubt causing turmoil in your mind that you have not a clue as to when you will recover either of these things, more so the technology you have lost that includes; the Gravity Boots, the Talismans, the Alinos upgrades, and the Minerals.


Tsukune: (Falls to the ground in despair and sits there for over 5 minutes. The two suns begin to disappear behind the ocean horizon and night begins to claim the sky. He then speaks, but barely above a whisper) I only wish that was it. Did you know that the only things that weren’t affected by the massive blackout were bank accounts and medical facilities? (U-Mos shakes his head) Huh, I would have thought you’d have known bout’ that too. But I bet you do know that the software or whatever that protects the bank accounts of each individual crashed as well, correct?


U-Mos: Correct. The ICPU or Individual Cuenta Protection Unit prevents computer hackers from stealing the invaluable information of any person’s bank account.


Tsukune: Right. But it only crashed in Tuesapa, not Rapshine. So the higher up’s that of been after me for years decided to take advantage of that. So they hacked and stole all my stocks, shares, and whatever else you put my money in.


U-Mos: (Surprised yet calm) So all the money I gathered for you. . .the billions of Palms. . . is now completely lost?


Tsukune: (Begins to stand up) Well, not all of it. I managed to access my account and salvage 34 thousand Palms. Not the amount I planned on keeping.


U-Mos: So all of the money I raised is now in the hands of the authorities? (Ponders for a moment) It should not be too difficult to gather that money back again, but until the business world regains stability, I cannot do that.


Tsukune: Exactly! So I only have so much money that I can spend before I become broke. I need the money to get around cuz now that I’m wanted dead or alive, I need to depend on my money to get me around illegally. I wouldn’t need to get around illegally in the first place had I not been stripped of my Gravity Boots. Those skates got me from point A to point B in an instant and I had so much fun! Racing through the congested cities all the while escaping hot pursuit. I would ricochet of the walls and leap across gaps that were hundreds of yards long. (Pauses for a moment and rises up immediately. Tsukune brushes himself off and jumps as far as his human legs can take him. The length of his jump is just under 6 feet.) You see that! That is definitely not anywhere (lengthens the word ”near” and points his hand in one direction) near what I used to be able to do! This sucks! (Begins to go on a tirade of fowl language and downright gibberish.) Why in God’s name did this happen!? I was using your technology for good, not evil like Ruby! She’s used the technology that belongs to the X-Series for bad, not good! Where’s the logic in that!? Tell me U-Mos, tell me!


U-Mos: (Bows his head in frustration) You will be glad to hear that Ruby also lost the technology as well. As a matter of fact, she lost more than you did. She is now left with only a katana and a place she can call home. She has no allies, accomplices, or family. No one that cares for her, many would care less for her existence. You ,on the other hand, have friends. You have a family back home on Earth. Now I know you cannot get there now due to events that we both know limit you from getting there as of now, but they are there. You may not be able to communicate with many of your new found friends and no doubt that you worry for their safety, but please realize that this is their home. They are not in foreign land like your are Tsukune so there is no need to worry for their well-being. You can regain the money lost with ease while I am around so that eliminates that problem. As to how long you will be left in your vulnerable state, I do not know. I doubt even Tikal knows and he is the one who caused all of this. But realize that you are not worthless. (Tsukune looks at U-Mos) You have caused me to appreciate what this world has to offer, even if we are shunned by most of society. The only thing filled with vanity is your self-confidence. You are quick to believe that because the odds are against you that you have outlived your worth. Do you recall Commander Olimar?


Tsukune: You mean X-10? Yeah, of course. What’s he gotta do with this?


U-Mos: Olimar was pitted against his very own nation five times. He was stripped of his honor, pride and reverence. To him, that was the heftiest amount of disgrace he could endure. Yet his determination was his shield and sword. He literally faced an entire army, but not alone. He faced the army with the aid of Achilles, Harry and Chiriko; his greatest allies and closest friends. Do you not grasp the concept that you are not alone in this world? Ruby is indeed alone, but that is where she obtains her resilience to continue onward. You attain your resilience through your allies, your friends, not your technology. Even though you put on a mask of independence you rely on your allies for strength. You cannot say that you are worthless when you still have a team that is fully equipped with what you are lacking. You have commented on this very subject yourself. You told me that we are a team and we should look out for the greater good, not self. Do you want to seem like a hypocrite? (Tsukune shakes his head) Correct, you should live up to what you have said and look onward toward the greater good. Not wallow in your own self-pity. You are not alone or am I no longer considered your ally?


Tsukune: (begins to laugh) I don’t know, you did try to shoot me down the first time we met.


U-Mos: (a smile returns to his eyes) Yes, and I nearly grazed your leg too, did I not?


Tsukune: Yeah, good times, X-07. (Tsukune looks at the night sky with pleasure. The three full moons hold a point of interest to Tsukune.) You know, I’ve never been to those moons before. Maybe I should sometime.


U-Mos: Yes, they are quite different than the moon of your home planet. I believe you would greatly appreciate its beauty.


Tsukune: (a glimmer of hope returns to Tsukune’s eyes.) I guess so, but first we gotta find the others. (He begins to walk down the mountain side and U-Mos begins to follow, but not without taking a glimpse of the three full moons.)


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