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False Birthday

 written over 2 weeks ago for school newspaper.

            The holiday of Christmas has often been closely identified with Santa Claus, bright lights, snow and gifts. But the real reason for celebrating Christmas has always been to pay eulogy to the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people know the story of the virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ in a manger. Where three kings set off to Bethlehem to bring gifts to their future king, Jesus Christ. All of these things are true according to the Christian Bible, but the time of when this holiday takes place is actually incorrect. It is actually not possible for Jesus Christ to have been born on December 25. The book of Luke in the Bible depicts the life of Jesus, from his birth to his death and resurrection. In Luke 2:8 of the Bible, it says ‘and there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.’ It is basically stating that shepherds were tending to their flocks in the fields at the time Jesus was born. Meteorologists have reviewed the temperatures of Hebron, an area nearby Bethlehem, and shown the temperature readings. The average temperature during December is about 37 degrees Fahrenheit, January reads to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit and February reads to about 33 degrees Fahrenheit. They have also determined that December receives about 6 inches of rain while January receives 8 inches of rain, the most rainfall in the year. There has also been no significant climate change in that area for the last 2,000 years. This proves that  Jesus could not have been born in December because the earlier passage of Luke 2:8, in the Bible, says shepherds where tending to their flocks. It is during the winter months when animals are usually kept inside. Now, as to when Jesus actually was born would be a new question. The precise date of when Jesus was born is uncertain, but the time of year can be found out. In the verses of Luke 1:24-31, it talks of Elizabeth, the wife of Zaharias, becoming pregnant as well as the virgin Mary being chosen to give birth Jesus Christ. What is so important about these verses in confirming when Jesus was born is the number of months given. Elizabeth became pregnant in about mid-June due to her husband being away the day before Pentacost and spending another week in Jerusalem. The verses say that 6 months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the virgin Mary became pregnant. That would be in December. Giving that the normal time line for a pregnancy is 9 months, that would mean Jesus would have been born sometime around September. So from what the Bible says and from what we know today, Jesus was not born on December 25.

ZOMG!111!11!1! I think I just failed! They didn’t use the same calender back when! Now it’s in the school newspaper! ZOMG!1! The only defense I gots is relating it to the Pentacost and comparison between the differentiating calenders of today and back when. Like for instance, our March was their ‘so and so’. But still, I think I just made a Fail! Oh noes!


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