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History At Its Finest I

Before coming to Christ, I admired history like nothing else. I still do, but its role in my life has lessened. The civil rights movement, WW2, the battle of Waterloo, Lincoln’s assissination, the Bill of Rights, the Mayan Civilization, the communism, the Panama Canal, the Vietnam War, the guillotine and so many more aspects of history fascinates me beyond belief. Buildings and monuments erected in honor of great heros nationalism almost brings a tear to my eye. The few chances I have to visit such shrines are ones I cherish. I can’t bear it when tourists make a mockery of statues. It disgusts me. My first passion will always be History. Christ is my biggest love, but I loved history first. It’s where you can see where each nation has drawn their roots from. It’s where you understand why your own nation is where it is today.

WW2 is a war revolving around genocide. The Holocaust. Adolf Hitler’s sole purpose was to assemble the Aryian race. To accomplish such goals, he set out to eliminate the ‘inferior’ races from the world; consisting mostly of Jews, but also including homosexuals, Gypsies, blacks and among others. In order for Hitler to do this, he had go out beyond Germany’s boundries and take the land necessary to do this. He first aimed at smaller lands and easily gained their territory. Great Britain took the role of peace maker and demanded that Hitler stop at once. Hitler protested and basically said ‘if you give me more land, I’ll stop”. The man in charge in Britain said ‘okay, as long as you stop’. Hitler kept doing this until reachin Belgium. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back (still don’t understand that phrase completely). War broke out with Britain getting a new leader known as Winston Churchill. WW2 broke out. The USA didn’t even get involved until they were attacked by Japan. They should have acted earlier, in my opinion.

In a nutshell, here’s how WW2 started.


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