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Embracing the New Era

As I kid, the one thing I remember more than anything were the car rides. My parents would be taking the ol’ Toyota Celica out for a spin all over my home town. Especially from the mid-afternoon right into the night. The setting sun on the horizon mixed in with “Don’t Speak”, by No Doubt on the car radio makes me yearn for those days!

While growing up, I would always be hearing 90’s music mixed in with some awesome 80’s during the weekend. My musical influence was wide even as a kid. My parents would play 60’s and 70’s spanish romantic music and varies other spanish genres. But back to the point. In the past years, I’ve usually joked with those older than me about how retro the 80’s is. “Hey, they’re playing the music you listened to when you were, what, semi-younger?” In other words, I would just tease and imply the fact that the person is not only old, but that their taste is becoming out dated. As far as 3 years ago, I began to notice the local radio stations played less and less 80’s music. I thought little of it at first, but a recent event has proven troubling. So the New Year of 2009 is ushering in so many new events. With all the talk of the new things happening I’ve taken into consideration that we’re about to enter a new decade. 2010 is only a year away. . . I was listening to a local radio station this one weekend and heard something surprising. After an 80’s song played, they played four 90’s songs . . . the 90’s will soon become the new 80’s.

The 80’s calling card is Bon Jovi, big poofy hair, weird synthized songs (they’re quite an awesome sound, if I might add.), and action packed movies. The 90’s has Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince, Grunge, pop-rock songs, flannel, and rebellion. The new era has INTERNET (Myspace, Facebook, Youtube.), txt, emo-punk rock (including clothes…the young ones are wearing em’.)American Idol, and Hannah Montana (or Miley Cyrus or whatever they wanna call her nowadays.). We’re in a new era that has its own significant differences, and I know I haven’t begun to name them all. This era has been teh awesome. I’m part of it, but also feel a strong connection to the 90’s. It simply shows me that once I’m 30 years old, I’m gonna be looking back at it and think I remember when internet meme’s were simply ‘epic’, having an iPhone was the best and Guitar Hero was fun. I know someday I’ll be walking down the street and internet will be free world-wide, the new hot phone will respond simply by speech and the latest Guitar Hero 38: Even More Awesome Songs to Rock Out To! will feature you playing an actual electric guitar. *Sigh* I really feel like I’m starting to get too old…


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