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The Best of Paramore

I remember finding out about this band early in May. I must admit, I simply adore the vocalist! Hayley Williams is simply one of the best female vocalists I’ve ever heard! Their music is just so uplifting and bright that I can’t bare to believe that this band might possibly break up (not sure if it’s official yet, but please excuse me if I’m wrong.). The only problem I have about Paramore doesn’t even involve the band itself. It’s the fan base of where I live. The younger teens I know simply act too enthusiastically over them. I’ve seen it in other places, not only where I live. So the problem is that they are too over-rated. The band doesn’t make it so, the fans do. That really bothers me.

I really hyped myself up for this song. Probably the most I’ve ever done so far regarding a rock song. I waited about two months for the song and would listen to audio clips around the interwebs. It has a great serious approach, but once again, the hype it recieved was too much for me to handle. The songs a great song, but listening to it to often makes it old very quick. It’s featured off the Twilight Soundrack. The song’s called Decode.

This songs much more, for lack of a better term, brighter. I must admit, it does have a more typical predicted feel to it, but the voice just brings it over the top. The song is called Brighter.

This song is one of those simple songs that really get you into a youthful mood. It’s so invigorating that it forsakes all the problems of life you may be facing and makes things bright in perspective. The lyrics compliment an already teh awesome song that I just love. My favourite Paramore song, as sung by Hayley Williams, is called That’s What You Get.


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  1. They sound like Flyleaf AND Fireflight.

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